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How to Achieve Higher Sex Drive For Female
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Lack of Libido – Ways to Blow Her Mind in Bed
* * Lack of Libido   As libido plays an important role in a person’s sexual life which gives direct impact on his/her normal life, lack of libido can give just an opposite and adverse effect. A lady facing lack of libido can produce fake orgasms which may satisfy her partner on temporary basis but in long run it causes depression in her mind and thus losing...
Low Sex Drive – Causes and solutions
* Low Sex Drive What the causes of a low sex drive and what can be done to increase it.   Of course there are always two sides to a coin (Men and Women in this case), so with this topic I will lean toward the causes of a low sex drive in women. It is my hope that this article will help anyone suffering from this condition to find a solution. Today it ha...
Female Libido – How To Boost Libido in 5 Minutes
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Boosting Female Libido – Ways to Bring Back the Passion
*   Boosting female libido In order to improve sexual desire, boosting female libido would help a lot. It enhances your sexual life and also your natural health. It’s a great way to enjoy relationship with your life partner. There are some powerful tips for boosting female libido. You don’t need any medical treatment for it but there are some natural ways ...
Female Libido Enhancement – Your Solution to Stop Faked Orgasms
* Female Libido Enhancement If you have observed the low libido completely impacting your beautiful life then it’s time you do something about the female libido enhancement. Low libido can be considered as a dysfunction and treating it successfully is necessary. If there is a role of hormones in it then some drugs would be required in the female libido issue. If your sexual drive is runn...
Female Sexual Dysfunctions – What You Must Know
*   To All Women Who Struggle To Reach Orgasms During Lovemaking. You may be worried stiff that you seem to be less  interested and your body is not quite responding  to stimuli as it used to. But you can take some heart by knowing that you are not alone and as many as 40% of women go through these symptoms at some stage of their life or other. There are ...
Effective Guide In Treating – Loss Of Female Libido
*       The problems of loss of female libido will effect on your love life. In general sexual desire is the first essential for successful sex and loss of libido is one of the great problems for both men and women. Sometimes drugs for treating high blood pressure or other conditions can lower the female libido. Or it can be a symptoms of depression...
How To Get Rid Of Female Libido Problems
*     There are a lot of women who suffer from female libido problems. This is neither uncommon nor is it a life threatening or alarming situation. This is why it is quite unfortunate that a lot of women suffer silently and are unable to come to grips with the fact that it is quite a normal occurrence. It is also true that these problems act as a h...

Painful Intercourse – The Must-Know Sex Bits For Women


Painful Intercourse

Sex looks great in movies, but in real life,

it is excruciatingly painful for many women.

Find out why you don’t have to live with it.


There is that painful truth among some women that sex can

sometimes be painful.  It is a medical condition called

Dyspareunia and it is more common among women than men.

It is estimated that about one in every five women have painful

intercourse at one point or another in their adult lives. This can

be a cause of frustration that can also damage a relationship,

especially since not all women who experience this pain would

discuss it with their partners or with their doctors. Some women

who experience pain during intercourse may start feeling

anxious every time their partner gets intimate.

Some would develop a fear of sex or a loss of sex drive that will eventually bring  animosity in the

relationship.  Lack of intimacy is one of the major causes of divorce and painful intercourse could

be one of the factors that lead to the lowered sexual desire in a marriage. If you are experiencing

painful intercourse, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor.  It may just be caused by lack of

lubrication in the genitals which may result from hormonal disorders.

In some cases, you may be advised to take a pap smear to detect any sign of infection or

inflammation inside the vagina or the cervix.  Unless the cause of pain is detected, a woman may

correlate intercourse with pain and would then not be able to enjoy the sexual experience with

her partner.

Factors that may cause painful intercourse include the following:

1. Dryness

Dryness or lack of lubrication is one of the most common causes of pain during intercourse.

There is natural lubrication in the vagina, but it may not be enough for easy penetration during

sex.  This may happen because of lack of foreplay, a hormonal imbalance or the over-use of

anti-allergy medicines as well as frequent use of feminine douches. There are a variety of sex

drops or lubes but the best kinds are plain water-based ones  such as Germany Sex induce liquid.

2. Yeast Infection

If you feel a burning sensation, itchiness, and soreness around the vaginal area and if you have

a cheese-like discharge, you may be suffering from a yeast infection.  This is an infection caused

by a proliferation of the Candida Albanis yeast fungi which happens when the body’s immunity

is low.  Yeast infection can easily be cured through topical creams and through the use of

probiotics, which increase the beneficial bacteria in the body that fight the yeast fungi.

3. Ovarian Cysts

Every month, follicles that house the female eggs necessary for reproduction grow in a woman’s

ovary. Normally these follicles erupt during the menstrual cycle to let go of the eggs, but there

are some instances when these follicles do not get discharged, as they should be.  In time, the

follicles may get engorged with fluid, tissues or blood and these are what we know as ovarian

cysts.  These cysts usually go away on their own, but there are instances when they have to be

removed surgically.

4. Urinary Tract Infection

If you feel not just discomfort during sex, but also pain when you pee, you most likely have a

urinary tract infection.  This can easily be treated with antibiotics and by drinking lots of water.

These are the most common causes of pain during intercourse. In order to understand this

condition better, it is best to consult your doctor and run some tests to rule out more serious


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Hot Sex Tips – Way To Bring Back The Passion




Hot Sex Tips –Ideas on How to Have Hot Sex 


If you go out and ask a number of women what they

really want and wish for in a man, odds are they

aren’t looking for someone who they can only talk to

or share their problems with. What most women

want, but won’t say out loud, is a man who can give her

an orgasm the likes anyone has ever experienced

before. This is a skill that every man like you should

know, especially if you’re married or have a girlfriend

and you want to bring back the passion in your lives that you once had, or maybe something even

better than that. Rekindle the spark in your romance and make it burn hotter than it used to.

Hot sexual tips worth trying !

It’s no secret that most men would just learn one or two techniques to make their girl climax,

if they even bother to learn them at all. But, if you’re a guy who wants to become more than

ordinary then you’re in luck. Here are 3 hot sex tips that are proven to make any woman

extremely satisfied.


Tip No.1 Nibble on her ear – Nibble on her ear, but don’t bite down too hard. Your success in

using this technique is to not forcefully bite into the ear, a gentle nibble is all it takes. No one likes

to get bitten hard on the ear now do they? A word of advice though, you should check first for

earrings or anything that you don’t want to bite into, unless you want to go to the dental clinic in

the middle of the night, that’s quite a mood wrecker.


Tip No.2 Give her a massage – Everyone wants to relax and feel good, you can get these benefits

with even the most basic massage. A good massage is a good way to relax her muscles and relieve

her stress, and when she’s all relaxed and feeling good, it is much easier for her to attain sexual

bliss. Try and use a number of different scented oils to massage her; there are certain scents that

can put your girl in the mood. Don’t worry too much about what massage techniques to use the

important thing is that you have physical contact with each other.

Tip No. 3 Wash her hair – Believe it or not, but a powerful technique to stimulate and arouse a

woman is to pull on her hair, and what’s a better excuse for you to pull her hair than while you’re

washing it for her? Properly done, this can be a very soothing and sensual experience for the

both of you.

Individually, these hot sex tips are already a great tool for you to get your woman to orgasm,

just imagine what would happen if you use all three of them in just one night? It would be very

easy for you to make her climax now that you have the proper techniques and knowledge at

your disposal. Now why don’t you try them out now and be amazed at the results you will get.


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Sex Help -What To Do When She Lost Desire.


Sex Help -What To Do When She Lost Desire




Men often find that seducing their woman can be quite a chore. Though admittedly, it is a real

challenge to know exactly what you need to do to make her want to sleep with you. If you find

yourself often asking for sex, the following sex help tips will help you turn the tables around

and make her the one who asks for sex.

The first tip is to always start with foreplay. Men often think that foreplay is boring, but if you

do it correctly you will find that it will lead to much more

relaxed and enjoyable sex.

Start by smelling her hair, kiss her forehead and cheeks,

then the lips, and then work your way down to the neck.

Then embrace her as you fondle her breasts gently. Continue

to caress her body gently.

Some women enjoy it when you talk dirty to them; tell her

what you want to do to her as you whisper in her ear, and

nibble on her earlobes from time to time. Rub your body

against hers, simulating the act of having sex while your

clothes are still on.

Make a few thrusting motions as if you’re already doing the act, if done correctly this will make

your woman geared up and itching to get it on with you.

If you warm her up before you two have sex it will make the experience all the more enjoyable

because you have both been properly stimulated.

The next tip is to make her tremble by giving her oral sex before you penetrate her. It’s a well-

known fact that women are known to climax with just oral sex. You can use this knowledge to your

advantage to make her want to go to bed with you. The trick is to give her head and stop short

of making her climax, this one is critical.

Begin by kissing around her vaginal area lightly, and then suck on her labia gently. Tease her by

licking her clitoris slightly. Just tickling her there is enough to drive her wild. Then when you think

that she can’t wait any longer, start licking her clitoris using a circular motion. Watch for her

reactions and stop just before you think she will climax, as in stop everything you’re doing. This

sudden stopping will leave her body wanting more; let her recover from the ecstasy of you giving

her oral sex then insert your penis.

The last, and probably the most important tip, is to always make her orgasm before you do.

Women’s orgasms are longer than men’s. It is also true that women can achieve multiple orgasms

in a single round of sex. By making her climax before you do, it is possible to give her another

orgasm at the same time that you do too.

By utilizing these simple yet effective tips, you can make your woman regain the lost desire

for sex. Use these techniques properly and you will find that lovemaking can be a lot more

satisfying as you first thought.

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