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How To Get Rid Of Female Libido Problems
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Happy Sex is a Vital Component of a Successful Relationship








It is a known fact that sex is good for couples in ways they may never have imagined, and that the

health benefits extend beyond the bedroom. The importance of sex in any relationship cannot

be overlooked. Sex has been found to be the downfall of many marriages and relationships.

Some people take it for granted while others do not. Many people spend years upon years highly

frustrated with their sexual life. They tend to be rigid – applying techniques they know and shying

away from trying new things. What they don’t realize is that trying new things is not only exciting

but also essential to our sexual development.

Sex, apart from creating gratification also creates a bond, both emotionally and physically, between

two people who care about each other. It makes them dependent on each other.








Just like learning new words makes your vocabulary richer, trying new sex ideas will increase

your ability to know what you really like and what most people fall for. Our sexual vocabulary

identifies who we are. Enriching your sexual vocabulary, will automatically tell your sex

partner what kind of person you are. The more tricks you can pull out of your hat the more

sophisticated you will seem.

Role Playing is commonly used to bring your inner fantasies into life. Instead of admitting that

you have certain sexual cravings or preferences, It is easier to role-play “as if ” you are your

fantasize. This is normal amongst everyone and I recommend to exercise this frequently.

You may also like to incorporate sex toys and sex furniture into your sex life. Don’t be afraid

to try new things! Remember, most people don’t know what they like, they only like what they


Happy sex and relationship go a long way together and this is because of the fact that

both are complementary. They can not survive alone rather they are to go along each other.

Hence in every relationship proper place should be given to sex and this should never be

neglected. Spice up your sex life and prolong the life span of your relationship.


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Premature Ejaculation Causes and Solutions











Premature ejaculation is one of the biggest reasons some couples do not enjoy sex. Most men

only dream about lasting as long as they want during sex and having the ability to satisfy their

woman every time. Sadly about 35-40% of the guys in the world cannot do this due to their

tendency to have premature ejaculation. This leaves both them and their partner frustrated and

sexually unsatisfied.

Premature ejaculation is one of the problems many people suffer from, and yet they are not wiling

to talk about it. Fortunately, they need to know that there are quite a number of methods

they can use to solve the problem, and help them not only last longer in bed but also satisfy their




There are different factors which causes premature ejaculation or early orgasm. These factors

could be either physiological or psychological. Physiological factors include depression,

anxiety, stress, relationship problems, and low self – esteem are some of the factors which

cause premature ejaculation. Lethargy, fatigue can also cause a man to climax rapidly during

a sexual activity.

Physiological factors include neurological and physiological conditions such as multiple

sclerosis and spinal cord injuries are known to cause early orgasm in men.

Delay Tactics

There are a number of self-help techniques available to help men suffering from rapid

climax to control orgasm during sexual intercourse:

Breathing is considered as one of the most effective ways to slow down when you are at the

peak of your sexual excitement. You can also control ejaculatory reflexes with the help of certain

breathing exercises while having sex, which you cannot do consciously.

Identifying the sensation just before point-of no-return while masturbating can effectively let you

control your ejaculatory reflexes.

Stop-and-start technique is one of the common methods used to delay orgasm. This technique

is practised by stopping all physical stimulation as you recognize the sensation before point-of-no-

return and then starting it again. This technique introduces a brief interruption in the sexual activity

to give more time to relax and delay orgasm.



Premature ejaculation is not a big problem, it’s a situation which can be overcome and one thing

important to note is that it’s not a disease at all. Continue reading to find tips and techniques

on how to treat premature ejaculation;

1.   Increase foreplay. If you want to have great sex and long lasting relation with your partner

then you will have to take your partner’s arousal to higher state. After achieving this state, hit the

hot spot and then you will see in her eyes that what actually you have done to her.

2.    Masturbation. With the help of masturbation, you can determine your feelings and sensations

and allow yourself to control them accordingly. To get an expertise level some practice is required

and you will get rid of this dysfunction. If you do not find any improvement after practicing

masturbation then it is recommended to consult some endowed doctor.

3.    Kegel exercise. This exercise allows you to strengthen your PC muscles which actually control

you activity of sex. With strong PC muscle, you can be able control climax as required. Many eBooks

are available which contain all the information as well as demonstrations about this exercise. The

exercise is quite easy and you don’t need to go anywhere to guide you. By performing these exercises,

they will also enjoy a number of benefits such as improving the blood flow to the penis, making them

last even longer. Others include reducing the pain of prostatitis, eliminating incontinence and

increasing sexual feelings during intercourse.

4.    Desensitizing cream. In the market there are a number of creams that can be used to

desensitize the penis. These creams are made using topical anesthetics for dulling the sensations.

However, it is recommended that they only use them for a short period because they are not

suitable when the individuals want to last longer.


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