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How To Spice Up Sex With Sexual Communication




How to spice up sex life with good sex communication skills?


In our relationships, communicating about

anything that has to do with sex and sexuality

can be incredibly challenging, and yet, is one

of the most important aspects in a relationship.

Let’s talk about what you should be talking

about, and how to talk about it to improve your

love life. Even though we are completely

surrounded by sexual content in media, allowing

us to believe that having the greatest sex life

ever is super easy; however, talking about sex and sexuality in a positive, constructive manner is

just not that simple.

When you let your partner know what you like in bed, there must be respect, honesty, and patience.

And both of you need to accept that each of your individual wants, needs, desires will change

with time; therefore, keeping up the sexual communication is imperative to the evolution of your

sex lives. When you take the time to talk about your sex life in a clear, and honest way can greatly

improve the intimacy in your relationship, giving the relationship a better chance at lasting.


1. Think before you speak.

Before you even think about talking about your sex life with your partner, you need to know what

you actually want beforehand. In this process, you should want to discuss improving your sex life,

to enjoy the sex you and your partner have more than you do now; not getting upset that he

forgot to take out the trash last week. When you are sure that your intentions are positive and

are focused on just the intimacy you share, devise a plan of all the things you’d like to discuss. You

also need to keep in mind the feelings of your partner, and what exactly you truly want. Make a list

if this makes things easier to organize and remember.


2. Ask the right questions.

When you are being intimate, begin to touch your partner the way you normally do, but while you do

so, ask them what they want: do you like it when I nibble on your neck? Do you like it when I

squeeze your nipples? Am I applying enough pressure to your clitoris? Is deep thrusting ok with you?

Once they let you know what they enjoy in bed, please remember that these preferences will always

stay the same; throughout the relationship, keep the conversation on sexual preferences an ongoing

one. Each person in the relationship needs to be heard, you need to be honest on your part, and a

good listener when your partner speaks up about their desires. It can put a damper on love making

when you have to answer a million questions while trying to be intimate; an even bigger damper is

when you let your lover know what you want, only to have him end up forgetting.


3. Get in the mood.
Pick when and where you would like to get

intimate, where you both can be alone and free of

distraction (at home is most likely best). If you

would like to increase the amount of sex you have,

perhaps setting up the proper mood before

seducing your lover; light candles and run a bath

for the two of you, then go to them, kiss

them, touch them. By doing this, you are communicating to them that you want intimacy without

even saying a single thing.



4. Keep positive.

When you want to communicate to your partner about the things they do that you like or dislike,

stick to telling them what they do well. It’s a very sensitive subject when it comes to how a

person makes love, none of us want to hear that the things we thought we were doing well are

actually not all that hot. When you tell them that it drives you mad when they nibble on your ear

instead of telling them you hate when they lick your belly, they’ll begin to focus on the things

you tell them you really like.


5. Give very clear instruction.

This is more or less a continuation on the last point where we want to keep criticism to a minimum

(whether constructive or negative). Tell your partner exactly what you would like to happen, and

what you’d specifically like done to you. Don’t be clinical about it, but be clear; you can whisper

something like, “look in my eyes while you unbutton my shirt,” or, “when you kiss me, run your

fingers down my torso,” or even, “touch my breasts”. I know you get it, it’s simple, but

straightforward. Doing this will get you what you desire, but it can also add a touch of eroticism

by expressing what you want in words, being honest and vulnerable.


6. Talk through touch.

There are times when you won’t actually need to talk to communicate what you want from your

partner; you can very simply direct your lover with your hands to where you want to be touched,

or what position you’d like to be in. You could even turn this into a game, neither of you are

allowed to talk, you’re only allowed to use your hands – and maybe some non-verbal sounds as

they happen naturally – to help you communicate what you both want.


7. Use positive reinforcement.

When your lover does something you really love when you’re being intimate, tell them! Tell them that

you love it when they do that, that what they just did was amazing; or you could always go the

non-verbal route and moan about it. Let them know when they’re doing something good because

everyone enjoys hearing what they’re good at, that what they’re making an effort at is paying off

and giving you both pleasure. Everyone desires praise, and why not give it when it comes to sex?


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