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Low Sex Drive – Causes and solutions
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Boosting Female Libido – Ways to Bring Back the Passion
*   Boosting female libido In order to improve sexual desire, boosting female libido would help a lot. It enhances your sexual life and also your natural health. It’s a great way to enjoy relationship with your life partner. There are some powerful tips for boosting female libido. You don’t need any medical treatment for it but there are some natural ways ...
Female Libido Enhancement – Your Solution to Stop Faked Orgasms
* Female Libido Enhancement If you have observed the low libido completely impacting your beautiful life then it’s time you do something about the female libido enhancement. Low libido can be considered as a dysfunction and treating it successfully is necessary. If there is a role of hormones in it then some drugs would be required in the female libido issue. If your sexual drive is runn...
Female Sexual Dysfunctions – What You Must Know
*   To All Women Who Struggle To Reach Orgasms During Lovemaking. You may be worried stiff that you seem to be less  interested and your body is not quite responding  to stimuli as it used to. But you can take some heart by knowing that you are not alone and as many as 40% of women go through these symptoms at some stage of their life or other. There are ...
Effective Guide In Treating – Loss Of Female Libido
*       The problems of loss of female libido will effect on your love life. In general sexual desire is the first essential for successful sex and loss of libido is one of the great problems for both men and women. Sometimes drugs for treating high blood pressure or other conditions can lower the female libido. Or it can be a symptoms of depression...
How To Get Rid Of Female Libido Problems
*     There are a lot of women who suffer from female libido problems. This is neither uncommon nor is it a life threatening or alarming situation. This is why it is quite unfortunate that a lot of women suffer silently and are unable to come to grips with the fact that it is quite a normal occurrence. It is also true that these problems act as a h...

Sex Without Shame-Ways To Overcome



Sex Without Shame !

Many women simply don’t believe they can even enjoy sex because they see their

bodies as so unattractive that any man who says he wants sex with her must

be simply wanting it for own physical release. Many female who cannot accept

that a man might see her as a whole person and be turned on by all of her,

including the less than perfect figure. Actually this is rather insulting to the

average men who can recognize that there is more to a woman that the size of her waist or breasts.

Do you avoid letting your partner look at your bodyDo you avoid playing sexual games

because he will see that you will never make the centerfold ?

Look in the mirror , what do you see ?  A woman who is sexual simply because you are a women.

See yourself  through your partner’s eyes, you are the one who smiles at him, who accepts him for

what he is , who cuddles him when he is in despair, who enjoys being with him. And how perfect is

he ?

How to overcome sex without shame !

If you can’t learn to accept and enjoy your body, it will be difficult to throw yourself  into sex

with much enthusiasm. Find the solution, so that you can overcome sex without shame .This

will not only benefit your sex life, but you will feel more confident in everyday life.

So give it a go. I am not expecting you to do anything that you do not want to, or that you feel is

wrong. The aim of this article is for you to gain enough self-confidence, by acquiring

appropriate information, to develop the type of sex life that suits you and your partner.

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The Fear Of Intimacy – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

What Causes Fear of intimacy ?-  Know This To Save Your Sexual Relationship.


The Fear Of Intimacy – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You


The Fear Of Intimacy.

The fear of intimacy is one of the emotional issues that many people suffer

from.It’s a personality disorder and it should be dealt with care. All of us have

an urge to feel a basic sense of belonging to somebody. We all need to belong

to something somebody and we also have the need to love. If we don’t have

good human relations then living becomes a very big problem. It is also

required for the health of the psychology. This is the reason why giving and

caring are very important for all of us so that we can nurture human relationships and

maintain good feelings. Fear of intimacy can also wreck havoc when it comes to sex and also dating.

A good sexual relationship require intimate sharing, you will grow closer through the

process of you sharing even your worst hurt feelings with your partner. Through sharing you’re

able to understand more about your soulmate.

Fear of closeness can also hamper all human relationships and might further lead to disorders like

social phobia, depression and other psychological disorders. Some of the factors that contribute

to fear of intimacy are fear of exposure, fear of failure, fear of rejection and also fear of

responsibility. When it comes to fear of exposure most of us try to cover or hide something that is

part of the personality from others. This will lead as walls between our relationships.

When it comes to fear of rejection which is part of fear of intimacy most of us have a deep doubt

that if the other person completely knows the real or the true self then will they continue to

love us? In order to come out of the fear of intimacy one should deal with this issue a fear of

rejection too.

In the same way fear of failure also is a part of fear of intimacy. When it comes to overcoming

this fear of intimacy you need to follow some tips or methods. First of all accept yourself

completely and start loving yourself completely. If you are completely comfortable with yourself

then you can be comfortable with others and others also can be comfortably with you. Accept this

fact and remember the fact that each and every human being will have some positive and negative

points in them. There is nothing wrong with having a shortcoming in your personality or your

physical appearance.

Start talking to people and also your close relationships. Speak openly about various issues of your

life to your loved ones or your dear ones. This will help you a lot  to end the fear of intimacy.

While sharing your personal feelings suspend the fear of judgment. Don’t think that the other

person will judge you or label you as a particular kind of person. It is impossible to control others

opinions, so even if you hide something people who label you, will continue to do that. But there is

more chance that your loved ones will definitely understand you and they will care more for you.

Accept this fact and try to overcome this fear of intimacy at least with your loved ones. This way,

you can definitely nurture good human relationships and live a very happy life.

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What Causes Fear of Intimacy? -Know This To Save Your Sexual Relationship


What Causes Fear of Intimacy?

The fear of intimacy can be found in many relationships today and on many levels. Fear of intimacy

can be related to sexual activities in which one of the partners is afraid to show their body or

avoiding sex. it can be emotionally related, in which one of the partners can’t open their soul and

their mind. There are many causes to this problem, but we need to find a way to overcome it as

intimacy is very important to keep your marriage going strong.

Gaining your partners trust is the first step to overcome the fear of intimacy, if it

already developed. You need to show your partner that they can trust you. If you

don’t want it to take too long, you can use those trust tests, like having your

partner plunge with their eyes closed and they need to trust you to catch them.

I know this probably sounds stupid right now, but when you are up against the

fear of intimacy you need to try anything.

If trust didn’t work, good communication might help in this issue. It is very possible that the

fear of intimacy was caused by some traumatizing event in your partner’s life and sexual

harassment and physical abuse may also contribute to depression or anxiety .That is why they

prefer that they aren’t naked in your presence. You can reassure them that you will never do

anything to hurt your partner. Of course, talking alone will not work as you expect, so start

showing that you care and that you are honest with your partner.

Talking about one disturbing moment in your life might help your partner to better identify with

you and cause them to open a bit and feel safe around you.  Fear of intimacy can be cured in time,

when your partner starts to fully trust you and to see that you are honest about both your feelings

and about other things. Remember that you need to combine these three elements to help your

partner solve their anxiety.

If you manage to be supporting and caring about this problem, you will also see that when the both

of you start your sex life she is more relaxed and focused on the task ahead. She will probably even

get orgasms.

It is indeed funny how a negative situation can be turned into a positive one with a bit of tender

love and commitment . The mistakes that people make in their relationships, even they love

their partners, is that they are not supportive. Whenever something is wrong with their partners,

most of us run for the woods because we don’t want to have to deal with. We would rather break

up and maybe find someone that is more stable from an emotional point of view. I really think

that we would have far more benefits into a relationship that we really get ourselves involved in.

Remember that fear of intimacy is not caused by you, but you can’t just let it cure on its’ own, you

need to be there and support your partner. In time, you will have the perfect relationship

even if right now it isn’t that good.

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