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How to Sexually Arouse a Woman





How to sexually arouse a woman is something

that most men struggle with !


When you are unsure of what the woman you’re

with likes, it can end up being a very arduous job.

But, for those of you who are willing to take the

time to learn what women like and dislike in

general, and then the likes and dislikes of your

current partner, it doesn’t have to be difficult.


The following are a few things that men can keep in mind when they really want to please their

women in the bedroom.


Bonding Emotionally is Necessary for Women


Quite often, men find it frustrating and difficult to grasp why it is much harder to sexually arouse

women. For a man, it’s as simple as his partner wearing that sexy little dress. Well, it’s a completely

different story for a woman, emotional closeness is paramount, not the visual. What this means

is that she won’t be ready for a romp in the hay by just gazing upon you without having much of an

emotional bond with you. That is why a lot of women need time to get to know you before they

decide they’re going to jump in bed with you.

When it comes to relationships, the emotional bonds that have been formed over time can slowly

weaken, without you even knowing what’s happening. When this happens, it ends up turning a

woman off of having sex with you because she no longer feels close to you. Old conflicts that

have been left unresolved, the same boring day-to-day routine, and the same old sex you have

because you should… these all can turn your relationship into monotonous work, where sex is not

something that is highly anticipated or enjoyed, where the woman feels she must to get her

partner to quit bugging for it.

When these kinds of situations arise, it is absolutely crucial to take all the necessary steps

towards resolving the conflicts between the two of you, to spend some quality time with her, to

discuss why the two of you are drifting apart, ask her if there is something new she would like

to try in the bedroom, and in general, make her feel more comfortable talking to you.


Make Her Feel Comfortable by Talking With Her


Having silly conversations that bring on the laughs can really get you somewhere with women.

When you start talking about how boring your day is, and how depressed you are about life, she

will definitely not feel like she wants to have sex with you. Keep the mood light, and talk about

things that make you both laugh and feel comfortable with each other. Be humorous, tell

jokes, laugh at yourself, and see just how far humor can get you.


Just keep in mind that there is quite a thin line between being silly and then being a jerk. Use

intelligent humour when you comment on things. If you end up going overboard, behaving like a

dope, she is not going to be even close to being turned on by you. Be careful what you joke

about, you want to please her, not make her think you are rude, and in turn, turn her off.



Bring the Romance Back into the Relationship.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve known her for years, or just a few weeks,

romance will always work to turn her on. Candle lit dinners, a

romantic day at the beach, an evening set up around something she

loves can really set the proper mood for a passionate night. Maybe

cook her favourite dinner, bring her flowers, and dance to your song;

these are what will keep the smile on her face, and start her heart aflutter.

If you feel like the life has gone out of the relationship, and in turn, your sex life, try to do romantic

things for her that she really appreciates. It’s amazing how simple and well a little romance can work

after being in a relationship or marriage for years.


Increasing Her Arousal.

When it comes to sexually arousing a woman, foreplay is of utmost important. Touching her in a

sexual fashion can be as pleasurable for you as it is for her. Be patient, take your time, and don’t

even think about intercourse until she wants it. Even just simply looking lovingly at her body will

get her heart pumping a little faster. Touch her gently, trying to make it as light as possible, and

just see how great it can make you both feel.

Continue to touch her, but touch her most sensitive parts, neck, ears, inner thighs, breasts. If

she wants more pressure, let her have it. You can continue touching her with different parts of

your body as well, legs, feet, and lips. Just allow yourself and her to really enjoy this intimate

time together by taking it slow, being patient, making her enjoy this moment will allow you both

to really enjoy it when you finally come to intercourse.


Arousal Products for Women

When your regular charms just aren’t working to get her going, try an arousal product specially

designed for women.

For the most part, the first thing that comes to mind for a man when his partner just doesn’t

seem to become aroused is that there is something wrong with them, that their girlfriends or

wives are just not turned on by them. This is usually not true if the relationship is in a good place,

and when this happens, there are other things to consider.

Some examples include stress, depression, anxiety, pregnancy, and childbirth; which all can

negatively affect a woman’s sexual desires. These things are often the culprit behind killing the

mood, and more often than not, the women themselves don’t know what’s going on. The two big

ones, of course, are pregnancy and childbirth, where a woman’s body produces a huge change in

hormones in order to make her body a baby making, or a baby nourishing machine. These

hormonal changes can sometimes make it difficult for her to be interested in sexual play, and to

become aroused. And of course, if a woman is over 40, there’s also pre-menopausal, and

menopausal changes to consider. Menopause also changes a woman’s body’s hormones, which also

changes how her body reacts sexually.



When dealing with these sorts of changes, female arousal creams and gels can be incredibly

helpful. The best part is that they’re easily attainable, often being available over the counter,

or by prescription, and are usually quite easily used.

These products enable an increased blood flow to the genital area, making them more sensitive,

and easily aroused. All that needs to be done is the application of the creams as directed to the

genitals, and voila! Things will be going smoothly from thereon out as sexual arousal will be

heightened, making her as ready for sex as you are.


An example of this sort of product is the Germany Sex Drop,

which is made from natural ingredients.

So, can you answer this question: does your partner feel

comfortable enough with you to really enjoy sex? If she doesn’t

seem like it, begin doing things that will allow her to feel free

around you. If she is comfortable, then why doesn’t she seem

interested in sex? In this case, try out some of the arousal products to enable her to enjoy

that romp in the hay as much as you do.


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Sexual Arousal – Essential To A Happy Relationship




A stronger sexual arousal is the key to improve your

overall experience of sex.



Most of the people equate sexual arousal with the

animal instinct in us. Sexual arousal is a basic

instinct that is essential in satisfying ones love

making process. Sexual arousal encompasses not

only our physical dimension but also our emotions,

our mind and the environment as well. If any of

these is out of sync there will be no arousal and the lovemaking that follows will not be fulfilling

in any way.

Over time as our body ages, changes takes place at our intelligence and physical levels. We tend to

experience sexual pleasure at a different level. What we lack in physique we tend to make it

up with our experience and intellect. When we are young we experience our sexual pleasure at the

physical level, which is more animalistic in nature. A time comes when the perception towards

sexual arousal and lovemaking changes.

With age lovemaking becomes fulfilling only if it stimulates our physical as well as our intellect

being. Therefore it becomes imperative that with changes in our perception towards lovemaking the

pattern of sexual arousal should also evolve. Otherwise, there will be a big gap between what we

are doing and what we want done. Those who do not incorporate these changes into their love life

often get frustrated in due course. They still hang on to their previous pattern of sexual arousal

and lovemaking and discover that they are unable to perform accordingly. They forget the fact that

what they used to do during their prime is not going to work now.

For couples sexual arousal is a combined initiative. Both have to understand each others

requirements under these changed circumstances and to know what makes the other tick. This way

the couple can tap into there new process of lovemaking and fulfill their sexual desire.

If you can be familiar with the sexual pattern of your partner and by the same token if your

partner is aware of your sexual pattern then the sexual arousal will be very deep and you can

both mutually push yourselves to the limits of your lovemaking.

If you are aware of this fact of life then you will be able to start your sexual life in terms of

opening up new vistas in lovemaking. New couples will be aware of the changing sexual

pattern over time and will be able to hone their sexual awareness together. This will open up

vast possibilities in different ways of making love in newer ways. The understanding of

sexual arousal will deepen and newer aspects of sexual arousal will reveal itself which will

change the overall aspect of ones life.

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Arousal Techniques for Women – 5 Ways To Improve Your Sexual Desire.



Arousal Techniques for Women

When it comes to arousal techniques for women there are lots of ways to

improve sexual desire. In order to stimulate and get the body ready for

an arousal to enhance the overall sexual act there are various tips. First of

all talk to your partner about the needs of your body and share your views.

This activity will definitely take the game to the next level once you start it. There are five ways to

improve your sexual desire and they are as follows.

One of the most important arousal techniques for woman is touch and kiss. So if your sex partner

doesn’t have much of knowledge you can definitely feel free to express your views about the touch

and kiss. Ask him to touch you more and kiss you more so that your body will definitely respond and

will start getting the desire for sex. You can increase the sensitivity of your body by touch and

kiss in various places where there are nerve endings.

The next way is to hug each other a lot. A tight hug can definitely improve your sexual desire and

it’s one of the most popular arousal techniques for women since long. The hug can completely

electrify the body because of the body to body contact. Feel free to hug your boyfriend and let

him know that you love hugging him.

The next important thing when it comes to arousal techniques for women is stimulation in

various points of the body. May it be breast or clitoris, if you can have your guy do it with his

finger it would definitely improve your sexual desire. It is very important to stimulate certain points

of the body in order to make the body ready for the act of sex. The more the stimulation, the better

the experience would be. So feel free to discuss the same with your partner and have your body

stimulated with the help of his fingers and hands.

The next important of the arousal techniques for women is oral pleasure. If your guy likes to do it,

definitely get it done. Don’t ever miss oral pleasure given by a man because it could definitely wake

up the woman in you and make you wild. It would be the best part of the whole act if you can

actually try it once. An oral job could completely change your mood and take the whole game to

the next level. He will definitely feel that this could be the ultimate one when it comes to sexual

experience. Last but not the least, discuss various angles which are comfortable to you with

your man. If you like the woman on top angle then request your lover to agree to this particular

position so that it will directly activate or stimulate your clitoris and give you more pleasure.

This way, there are lots of arousal techniques for women which go a long way in bringing out the

woman in you and then making you enjoy the sexual bliss more.

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