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How to Achieve Higher Sex Drive For Female
*   Giving a boost to your sex drive can work wonders for your sex life. With the use of the simple tips that follow, women can achieve a higher sex drive to enhance their sex lives. The first thing that you should consider in achieving a higher sex drive is your diet. The amino acid, arginine, helps to boost the circulation of blood to the genitals; a delicious snack of pumpki...
Lack of Libido – Ways to Blow Her Mind in Bed
* * Lack of Libido   As libido plays an important role in a person’s sexual life which gives direct impact on his/her normal life, lack of libido can give just an opposite and adverse effect. A lady facing lack of libido can produce fake orgasms which may satisfy her partner on temporary basis but in long run it causes depression in her mind and thus losing...
Low Sex Drive – Causes and solutions
* Low Sex Drive What the causes of a low sex drive and what can be done to increase it.   Of course there are always two sides to a coin (Men and Women in this case), so with this topic I will lean toward the causes of a low sex drive in women. It is my hope that this article will help anyone suffering from this condition to find a solution. Today it ha...
Female Libido – How To Boost Libido in 5 Minutes
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Boosting Female Libido – Ways to Bring Back the Passion
*   Boosting female libido In order to improve sexual desire, boosting female libido would help a lot. It enhances your sexual life and also your natural health. It’s a great way to enjoy relationship with your life partner. There are some powerful tips for boosting female libido. You don’t need any medical treatment for it but there are some natural ways ...
Female Libido Enhancement – Your Solution to Stop Faked Orgasms
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Female Sexual Dysfunctions – What You Must Know
*   To All Women Who Struggle To Reach Orgasms During Lovemaking. You may be worried stiff that you seem to be less  interested and your body is not quite responding  to stimuli as it used to. But you can take some heart by knowing that you are not alone and as many as 40% of women go through these symptoms at some stage of their life or other. There are ...
Effective Guide In Treating – Loss Of Female Libido
*       The problems of loss of female libido will effect on your love life. In general sexual desire is the first essential for successful sex and loss of libido is one of the great problems for both men and women. Sometimes drugs for treating high blood pressure or other conditions can lower the female libido. Or it can be a symptoms of depression...
How To Get Rid Of Female Libido Problems
*     There are a lot of women who suffer from female libido problems. This is neither uncommon nor is it a life threatening or alarming situation. This is why it is quite unfortunate that a lot of women suffer silently and are unable to come to grips with the fact that it is quite a normal occurrence. It is also true that these problems act as a h...

How to Achieve Higher Sex Drive For Female



Giving a boost to your sex drive can work wonders for your sex life. With the use of the simple tips that follow, women can achieve a higher sex drive to enhance their sex lives.

The first thing that you should consider in achieving a higher sex drive is your diet. The amino acid, arginine, helps to boost the circulation of blood to the genitals; a delicious snack of pumpkin seeds, almonds and Brazil nuts will give you arginine and taste great. Chocolate contains phenethylamine, a chemical that is produced in the brain when we fall in love; just make sure that there is a high cocoa content to get the desired effect.

Any dish can be erotic if it is enjoyed with a touch of sensual pleasure. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is needed in large amounts in order to become sexually aroused. If you are stressed or overloading your brain, it very unlikely that your body will create oxytocin. Enjoying a meal with your lover with dimmed lighting and soft music can help to boost the production of the love hormone. If you are drinking some wine to relax, it is key to remember moderation as too much can make you more likely to engage in sexual activity but not enjoy it as much.

Another lifestyle change you can make to boost your sex drive is exercising on a regular basis. Aerobic are well suited and boost your stamina, help with your overall body image, raise and lighten your mood, and in the long run, increase your libido.

Concerns you have in regards to work, financial matters and family issues create stress that will affect your sex drive. Finding ways to better cope with stresses can make it easier for you to get in “the mood”. Having a brighter outlook on life, little things to make you happy, and an overall sense of well-being and happiness are essential to eliminating stress.

Strengthening your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises greatly improve your awareness of the muscles involved with the pleasurable sexual sensations that boost your libido. In order to do Kegel exercises, you squeeze your pelvic muscles as if you were stopping the flow of urine; hold for five counts, then relax. Rinse and repeat. Performing this exercise numerous times a day is best.

Now let’s get to your actual relationship with your partner. There are some changes that should be made in order to create more emotional intimacy, which, more often than not, results in better sexual intimacy. We hear it all of the time, but communication with your partner is incredibly important. Conflicts and disagreements are a natural part of any relationship, but couples who argue and communicate in an open an honest way maintain a strong emotional connection and respect for one another, which results in better sex. You and your partner must communicate about your sexual desires; what you enjoy and what you don’t.

If there are some issues that you just can’t talk to your partner about, seeking counsel from a sex therapist or counsellor can really help in opening up channels of communication between the two of you. This includes education about sexual responses, certain techniques, and recommendations for reading materials and exercises. Sometimes, resorting to medical treatments can help you improve your sex drive. It is not necessary, but could help if you feel you have no other options. The first thing to keep in mind is to treat any underlying cause of a diminished sex drive. Get a checkup to make sure everything is in working order and that any medical treatments won’t interfere with illnesses or medications.

For some women, you’ll find that some form of estrogen therapy can help. This can be administered through the patch, pill, or gel that improve the brain function and mood aspects involved in sexual response. Even local estrogen therapy, in the forms of vaginal creams or suppositories, can help to increase blood flow to the vagina.


Sometimes, setting aside a time for intimacy can really help to boost your sex drive by making an intimacy a priority. Trying out a different position, location, or even a different time of day can be simple ways to spice up your sex life. Experimentation can bring back the spark to your sexual experiences.

With these easy tips, you can improve your sex drive in no time at all. It is best to try out the methods that are easily done without medical help; if all else fails, consult your doctor about the medical therapies that are suitable for you.



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Pain While Intercourse – We Look At The Causes and Treatments.




Painful intercourse or also known as dyspareunia is described as a

recurrent genital pain that occurs before, during or after the


This causes personal stress on women and can affect their sexual life.

Most women find it difficult to talk about this issue.

Nowadays, there are treatments that can reduce or minimize this problem.

There are studies conducted on this issue, it reveals that up to 1 in 5 women experiences genital

pain before, during or after intercourse. However, the location of the pain and the frequency of

the pain vary.

The symptoms that you will feel includes pain on penetration even when placing a tampon, pain felt

with certain partners, superficial pain, newly felt pain after pain – free intercourse, burning or

aching pain, and deep pain upon thrusting. The superficial pain is the common symptom reported to

be felt by most women suffering dyspareunia.

It is advisable to see your physician when you experience these symptoms so that you will have an

idea on what it is. In some cases, many women who experience persistent sexual pain do not seek

immediate medical consultation with their doctors. Having this condition treated will provide

improvements on your sex life, self image and intimacy issues.

There are many causes of painful intercourse. It can vary on the location of the pain felt by women.

The first are the causes of entry pain. It can be caused by inadequate lubrication which is the

result of foreplay that is not enough. It can also be caused by a decrease in estrogen levels after

childbirth, during breast feeding or menopause.

There are also medications that decreases lubrication and make intercourse painful, this includes

sedative, antidepressants, high blood pressure medications and some birth control pills. Another

cause of entry pain is vaginismus or the involuntary spasm of the vaginal wall muscles that makes

any penetration painful. Other causes include injury, trauma or irritation, inflammation and

infection or a skin disorder. The deep pain that is felt happens when there is deep penetration

and can be more distinct in some positions. Causes of deep pain include certain illnesses and

conditions. It can include endometriosis, cystitis, haemorrhoids and pelvic inflammatory disease.

It can also be caused by infections that include the uterus, fallopian tubes or the cervix.

Surgeries that involve the pelvic area can also cause pain upon intercourse, as well as treatments

for cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation.

There are certain emotional factors that can cause pain during

intercourse. It can be psychological problems such as depression, anxiety,

fear of intimacy and low self esteem.

All of these psychological problems can cause low arousal level, thus

resulting to pain or discomfort.

Other causes of pain is stress and if the woman has a history of sexual

abuse. It is time to visit your doctor when you are experiencing recurrent pain during intercourse.

You must be prepared to answer questions related to sex and intimacy, this is part of the visit and

this can be your chance to voice out your concerns regarding your condition.

On your part, you can do the following tasks during your check-up. You should take note of the

sexual difficulties you are experiencing, it should include how often and when you usually

experience the pain or discomfort.

You should list down vital medical information, medications and the vitamins you are going to take.

If you have any questions, you can ask your doctor. As part of the medical check-up, your doctor

will require you to undergo a few tests and diagnosis. The first is the complete medical history.

It includes the onset of the pain, location, how it feels and if pain is felt in every position. Your

doctor will also ask about your sexual history, surgical history and childbirth experiences.

You must answer your doctor truthfully since this can provide clues to the cause of the pain you

are experiencing.

The next is the pelvic examination.This is performed to check for signs of irritation, anatomical

problems and infection. Your doctor will examine your genital area and the pelvic muscles, as well

as the vagina with the use of a speculum. Women might find the pelvic exam uncomfortable, if

you experience pain, you can inform your doctor. Other tests include the pelvic ultrasound or

a laparoscopy.

The treatment of dyspareunia involves an integrated treatment approach. The treatment that

you will receive depends on the underlying cause of the pain you are experiencing. Painful

intercourse used to be viewed primarily as a mental problem that requires a psychosomatic

treatment. Fortunately, that view is outdated. Researchers and doctors now understand the

many causes of dyspareunia and recommend an integrated, versatile treatment approach.

The treatment you will receive depends on the primary cause of your pain.The first treatment

approach is the use of sexual techniques and counselling, this can help in minimizing the pain with

a few adjustments to your sexual routine. It is best if you and your partner will switch positions.

Next is to communicate properly with your partner. It is essential to have a longer foreplay to

promote natural lubrication. You can also use lubricants to make sex comfortable.

The third treatment approach involves the use of medications and therapies. The doctor can treat

the underlying condition that causes the pain. Estrogen therapy to increase the depleted estrogen

levels, you can use a tablet, cream or a vaginal ring.

Another is the desensitization therapy that involves vaginal relaxation exercises. For prevention

measures, try to change your hygiene habits such as avoiding bath products that are scented.

These products can cause irritation to the genital area and can decrease the production of

natural lubrication. Dyspareunia can be devastating for your sexual life.

If you are experiencing periodic pain during intercourse, you should immediately visit your




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Lack of Libido – Ways to Blow Her Mind in Bed



Lack of Libido


As libido plays an important role in a person’s sexual

life which gives direct impact on his/her normal life,

lack of libido can give just an opposite and adverse

effect. A lady facing lack of libido can produce fake

orgasms which may satisfy her partner on temporary

basis but in long run it causes depression in her mind and thus losing even more libido over time.

In these cases both the partners should give their bests to have a normal and happily sexual

life. To do this they should acquire proper knowledge about the topic and should use the

same for their betterment.

There are many supplements available in the market which may help a woman increasing

her libido either artificially, naturally or through herbal treatments. There are few medicines

in the market which gives no side effect to the patient. They can be used by both men and

women in order to get aroused instantly. An example for this type of is Germany sex drops.

As Germany sex drops is purely herbal and natural, it has no side effects and can be taken

without a hitch. These medicines, when taken by a person can drive him/her crazy and

enhances his/her libido up to its full. No matter what option any one chooses, libido

enhancement should be taken as a priority.

Some sexual cases may require combination of supplements and foreplay. When a supplement

is taken by a person having lack of libido, it enhances the blood circulation of her body and

thus the need of sex is also increased, but in some cases the desire doesn’t go up to the mark.

Libido still needs to be stimulated by some other means. Foreplay plays an important role in

these cases. If a person knows the art of foreplay, he can stimulate the libido of his partner

up to a very high level. With the regular exercise of foreplay it is very likely remediate the

lack of libido fully.

To make female partner crazy in bed one should always try new positions while

enjoying sex. This will help both the partners enjoy their sex in innovative way every time

they plan for it. New positions will also reduce boredom among the couples and thus

reducing the chances of hunting for another new partner for sex. Couples may refer to books

like ‘Sex All Around The House’ to learn new things about sex. As making love with a partner

is something different and giving her ultimate pleasure during intercourse is another thing,

these books can help couple have quality time with each other.

To wrap up with the things, in short, a female’s libido can be increased through various ways.

These ways may include some supplementary herbal medicines like Germany sex drops,

practicing foreplay, trying new positions during intercourse, etc. To drive female

partner crazy and increase her libido during sex is a key to lead a happily married life

and should be considered as a necessity of a family.

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Painful Intercourse – The Must-Know Sex Bits For Women


Painful Intercourse

Sex looks great in movies, but in real life,

it is excruciatingly painful for many women.

Find out why you don’t have to live with it.


There is that painful truth among some women that sex can

sometimes be painful.  It is a medical condition called

Dyspareunia and it is more common among women than men.

It is estimated that about one in every five women have painful

intercourse at one point or another in their adult lives. This can

be a cause of frustration that can also damage a relationship,

especially since not all women who experience this pain would

discuss it with their partners or with their doctors. Some women

who experience pain during intercourse may start feeling

anxious every time their partner gets intimate.

Some would develop a fear of sex or a loss of sex drive that will eventually bring  animosity in the

relationship.  Lack of intimacy is one of the major causes of divorce and painful intercourse could

be one of the factors that lead to the lowered sexual desire in a marriage. If you are experiencing

painful intercourse, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor.  It may just be caused by lack of

lubrication in the genitals which may result from hormonal disorders.

In some cases, you may be advised to take a pap smear to detect any sign of infection or

inflammation inside the vagina or the cervix.  Unless the cause of pain is detected, a woman may

correlate intercourse with pain and would then not be able to enjoy the sexual experience with

her partner.

Factors that may cause painful intercourse include the following:

1. Dryness

Dryness or lack of lubrication is one of the most common causes of pain during intercourse.

There is natural lubrication in the vagina, but it may not be enough for easy penetration during

sex.  This may happen because of lack of foreplay, a hormonal imbalance or the over-use of

anti-allergy medicines as well as frequent use of feminine douches. There are a variety of sex

drops or lubes but the best kinds are plain water-based ones  such as Germany Sex induce liquid.

2. Yeast Infection

If you feel a burning sensation, itchiness, and soreness around the vaginal area and if you have

a cheese-like discharge, you may be suffering from a yeast infection.  This is an infection caused

by a proliferation of the Candida Albanis yeast fungi which happens when the body’s immunity

is low.  Yeast infection can easily be cured through topical creams and through the use of

probiotics, which increase the beneficial bacteria in the body that fight the yeast fungi.

3. Ovarian Cysts

Every month, follicles that house the female eggs necessary for reproduction grow in a woman’s

ovary. Normally these follicles erupt during the menstrual cycle to let go of the eggs, but there

are some instances when these follicles do not get discharged, as they should be.  In time, the

follicles may get engorged with fluid, tissues or blood and these are what we know as ovarian

cysts.  These cysts usually go away on their own, but there are instances when they have to be

removed surgically.

4. Urinary Tract Infection

If you feel not just discomfort during sex, but also pain when you pee, you most likely have a

urinary tract infection.  This can easily be treated with antibiotics and by drinking lots of water.

These are the most common causes of pain during intercourse. In order to understand this

condition better, it is best to consult your doctor and run some tests to rule out more serious


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Treatments For Sexual Dysfunction In Males And Females




Treatments For Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a serious problem in both men and women. It is one

of the major problems that hamper intimacy between spouses or

even friends. If you are suffering from this problem and  are wondering

if there is any treatment that can help you deal with the condition,

this article will share some of the best treatments available

for managing the condition.

With that said, it is important to know that there are more treatments for sexual dysfunction

available for men than women.

The bulk of the treatments designed for treating the condition in men are mainly oral

prescriptions. It is important for a patient to seek the guidance of a doctor before using any of

these medications. In case you don’t know, some of the common drugs include: Vig RX,

Sex Drops and the popular Viagra. It is important to take the aspect of consulting with your

doctor very seriously. This is because the use of drugs that relate to sexual disorder comes with

lots of side effects.

When it comes to treating sexual dysfunction in females, like I said earlier there are less

treatment options at the disposal of the victim of such condition and the doctors alike. The most

popular and probably the most effective form of treatment available for females, with sexual

dysfunction is Germany Sex Drop. This treatment type is particularly designed for women

with decreased sexual desire caused by early procedural menopause.

It is important to know that induce liquid is not a drug in particular and contains a very precise

blend of herbals, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs that work.

The treatment when applied assists the victims in boosting their sex drive. What happens is

that a little quantity of sex hormone is introduced into the blood stream of the patient thus

helping to “up” the sexual urge in them. One of the major reasons many women suffer from

sexual dysfunction is due to surgical procedures and certain medical condition that cause

them to lose testosterone.

In the end, the best thing to do is to make sure you do all you can to prevent the condition. Where

you can’t help it is important you consult with your doctor so as to find the best solution that would

see you out of the condition. It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or a female, sexual

dysfunction is the greatest killer of relationships, so the best way to deal with the situation is to

attack it headlong.

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All You Need To Know About Sexual Disorders



Sexual Desire Disorders

Sexual disorder as the term implies, is a condition that prevents

an individual,whether man or woman, from leading a normal sexual

life. Naturally, the act of sexual intercourse is initiated and completed in

several stages. The stages are desirearousal, orgasm, and resolution.

Depending on the severity or mildness of the condition an individual can have problem enjoying one

or more of the stages. Sexual desire disorder is mainly caused by reduced libido. As a woman,

if the estrogen level in your system is low, the rate of your libido will decrease and in the case of a

man, a decreased level in the testosterone is equally responsible for this. Other conditions that can

cause decreased libido include medicationsfatigue, agingpregnancy and several physical

factors that might not be mentioned here for brevity’s sake.

Another form of sexual disorder you should also know about is sexual arousal disorder. This

condition creates a very serious problem for males and females alike. When a man is having difficult

or can’t be arouse sexually then it is most certain that he is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

In the case of females, sexual arousal disorder manifests in frigidity. The major condition that leads

to arousal disorders is reduced blood flow in men and less vaginal lubrication in females.

Disorders that result from orgasm affect males and females alike. This condition manifests in

frequent delay or the absence of orgasm when the victim has gone through the natural sexual

stimulation period. The major reason behind this disorder has been pinned down to the use of

certain antidepressant drugs. It is important for you to talk to your doctor if you know you have

taking any medication or drug known to disrupt normal sexual function.

There are other several conditions that can cause sexual disorder in men and women alike.

However, what most people don’t know is that the sexual disorder, as a condition, can start at a

very early stage in life. Most people don’t care to correct such problems until it is usually very late.

The most important thing you should do from the very moment it occurred to you that you are not

leading the normal sexual life is to contact your doctor and avoid taking any medication

without his or her guidance.

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Women Sexual Dysfunctions – A Secret That Every Couple Must Know


Women Sexual Dysfunctions.

When it comes to woman’s sexual health, there are certain disorders

that are to be given adequate attention. One of such challenges is

dealing with women sexual dysfunctions. Every woman needs

to give adequate care if this problem arises because it might further

lead to depression or other problems that are related to

relationships and love. Dealing with women sexual dysfunctions could be a challenge because it

involves various problems like lack of sexual desire, pain during sexual intercourse or even

the inability in the woman to reach a great climax. Women may have low sexual desire during

pregnancy and right after childbirth . Many women feel less sexual desire and have vaginal

dryness issues, after  menopause .

Most of the women give up instead of doing something about the problem. Actually there are

certain ways of dealing female sexual disorder .One need not completely resort to drugs or other

solutions related to medicine.

First of all, you need to talk to your partner in an open way and bring more awareness and

attention and love towards the issue so that it would be very easy to deal with the problem. If you

do not openly discuss with your partner it would lead to further intimacy issues. Discuss with your

partner about what you like and dislike about sex. Your partner should not think that this

disorder is due to lack of love or affection in the relationship. And then it would be wise to talk to

your family doctor may be when you go for your annual medical exam. If the problem is because

of any other medical problems like diabetes, then the doctor can diagnose the problem and may

come up with a solution or treatment.

If there are no other medical complications that lead you to sexual dysfunctions then you need to

examine your lifestyle. This way dealing with women’s sexual dysfunctions could be a lot easier. If

your body needs regular exercise, go for it. Also see that your body gets enough of sleep and

healthy food and stay away from junk foods. When it comes to your mental health, see that you’re

away from stress anxiety and other negative emotions which will take their toll when it comes to

spoiling the lifestyle. If you can make your daily life healthier then dealing women sexual issues

becomes a lot easier.

If you can spend some time on exercise then try a small exercise which will help you in dealing

woman sexual dysfunctions. Start contracting your muscles in the pelvic region and try to hold

the muscles for a few moments. This simple exercise will strengthen the pelvic area and will

definitely work at the solution in dealing women sexual dysfunction. You can do this exercise

anywhere but make sure that you don’t do it after having a heavy meal. Dealing women sexual

issues on time is very important if you want your relationship to be healthy with love and affection.

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What Causes Fear of Intimacy? -Know This To Save Your Sexual Relationship


What Causes Fear of Intimacy?

The fear of intimacy can be found in many relationships today and on many levels. Fear of intimacy

can be related to sexual activities in which one of the partners is afraid to show their body or

avoiding sex. it can be emotionally related, in which one of the partners can’t open their soul and

their mind. There are many causes to this problem, but we need to find a way to overcome it as

intimacy is very important to keep your marriage going strong.

Gaining your partners trust is the first step to overcome the fear of intimacy, if it

already developed. You need to show your partner that they can trust you. If you

don’t want it to take too long, you can use those trust tests, like having your

partner plunge with their eyes closed and they need to trust you to catch them.

I know this probably sounds stupid right now, but when you are up against the

fear of intimacy you need to try anything.

If trust didn’t work, good communication might help in this issue. It is very possible that the

fear of intimacy was caused by some traumatizing event in your partner’s life and sexual

harassment and physical abuse may also contribute to depression or anxiety .That is why they

prefer that they aren’t naked in your presence. You can reassure them that you will never do

anything to hurt your partner. Of course, talking alone will not work as you expect, so start

showing that you care and that you are honest with your partner.

Talking about one disturbing moment in your life might help your partner to better identify with

you and cause them to open a bit and feel safe around you.  Fear of intimacy can be cured in time,

when your partner starts to fully trust you and to see that you are honest about both your feelings

and about other things. Remember that you need to combine these three elements to help your

partner solve their anxiety.

If you manage to be supporting and caring about this problem, you will also see that when the both

of you start your sex life she is more relaxed and focused on the task ahead. She will probably even

get orgasms.

It is indeed funny how a negative situation can be turned into a positive one with a bit of tender

love and commitment . The mistakes that people make in their relationships, even they love

their partners, is that they are not supportive. Whenever something is wrong with their partners,

most of us run for the woods because we don’t want to have to deal with. We would rather break

up and maybe find someone that is more stable from an emotional point of view. I really think

that we would have far more benefits into a relationship that we really get ourselves involved in.

Remember that fear of intimacy is not caused by you, but you can’t just let it cure on its’ own, you

need to be there and support your partner. In time, you will have the perfect relationship

even if right now it isn’t that good.

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A Right Love Making Techniques Is The Key Point To Break Up Women Sexual Dysfunction





When it comes to love making, there are some great techniques of love making that

enhance the sexual intercourse. Sex is one of the biggest pleasures that any

human being can ever experience. Most of the people do not know these

lovemaking techniques and they are not able to completely satisfy their partners

. This is the reason why everybody should learn the basics of intercourse and

practice various ideas for ways of lovemaking which will enhance the sexual satisfaction in a very big

way. These love making techniques really play a very important role when it comes

to making the experience a memorable one.

Sex is important in any male-female relationship and it should be constantly maintained in a better

way. One of the most simple love making techniques is: don’t hurry up. Try to drag on the act of

sex as long as possible. This will definitely increase the pleasure for both the partners who are

involved in the love making act. And the next important thing that you need to remember is that any

sexual act can be enhanced only with the foreplay. Remember to take the whole act of sex to peaks

with good foreplay. Without foreplay nobody can enjoy sex properly. During the foreplay both of the

bodies get a warming up session and feel comfortable with each other. It is the starting point of love

making and is one of the best love making techniques.

The next important of the love making techniques is that there should be lots of touching and

caressing. You need to touch each other’s bodies in various places in points to stimulate each other.

This plays a very important role to arouse the bodies and get completely engaged in the act of sex. If

possible touch the person everywhere on the body in order to stimulate it and get it ready for that of

sex. Massaging also plays a very important role and is also one of the good lovemaking

techniques. A good massage will rejuvenate the body and relax it completely and makes it ready to

have fun. During all these phases you need to remember the fact that you should be completely

sensitive towards the other person’s needs and necessities in the art of love making. You should do

whatever gives you pleasure and you should also do something that gives a lot of pleasure to the other

person in sex. Once the act of sex reaches a particular point try to go for the oral pleasure in order

to enhance the whole experience and take it to the next level. This would be the peaks of the whole act

and would be a completely memorable experience.

This way, great lovemaking techniques will help you enhance the experience of sex and will

strengthen the relationship between both of you. Sex is the foundation of any male-female

relationship and should be approached with proper care and love.

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Dealing With Female Sexual Dysfunction – 5 Mistakes To Avoid




Dealing with female sexual dysfunction should be your top priority if you want your lady to feel good around you, especially when the two of you are in bed. The therapy and treatments for this dysfunction certainly need to involve you as well. We are not going to tell you what you need to do, because you can figure that out for yourself, we will tell you what not to do when dealing with female sexual issue.

The following are 5 things that you need to avoid at all costs, especially if you want a normal woman next to you and maybe have the ability to give her orgasms in the future. These ideas are mostly related to intercourse, so they are more the things that you need to avoid in order to avoid sexual disorders  in your partner.

The first thing you never have to do in bed is ejaculate without letting her know. If you do that and she gets caught by surprise she might not enjoy it and every time you will have sex she will think about that and the intercourse will be bad for both of you. Remember this, always tell her if you are going to ejaculate, regardless of where you are going to do this.

Another thing you might want to consider in terms of preventive therapy is letting her know that you are feeling good. I am sure that you love to hear her when she likes it, she would definitely love to hear from you as well when you are feeling good. Dealing with female sexual dysfunction starts with the brain, so encourage her and let her know that you are enjoying it.

Going at it too fast, at least at the beginning might feel great for you, but there are two very obvious problems to this. One is that you will probably not be able to last long enough if you keep the speed up and two, she will experience pain because her vagina is not yet stretched properly. So be patient, stop going at it like a mad man and take it slowly at first. Even she usually likes it fast and rough, no woman enjoys pain, so do it slowly at first for a couple of minutes and after that you can pleasure the way you want.

Mixing your sex life with porn scenes is never a good, at least if you know that she doesn’t like it. Some women enjoy extreme sex positions and being controlled or even abused, but most of them are happy with normal, soft sex. Talk about this at another time, when you are not planning to have intercourse and see what she thinks about it.

Never forget to kiss her. She is not a piece of meat and even if you started already to engage in intercourse, she still needs feedback from you to keep her vagina lubricated. Dealing with female sexual dysfunction can be difficult, but try following these rules when you are in bed and you can actually avoid it altogether.

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