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Pain While Intercourse – We Look At The Causes and Treatments.




Painful intercourse or also known as dyspareunia is described as a

recurrent genital pain that occurs before, during or after the


This causes personal stress on women and can affect their sexual life.

Most women find it difficult to talk about this issue.

Nowadays, there are treatments that can reduce or minimize this problem.

There are studies conducted on this issue, it reveals that up to 1 in 5 women experiences genital

pain before, during or after intercourse. However, the location of the pain and the frequency of

the pain vary.

The symptoms that you will feel includes pain on penetration even when placing a tampon, pain felt

with certain partners, superficial pain, newly felt pain after pain – free intercourse, burning or

aching pain, and deep pain upon thrusting. The superficial pain is the common symptom reported to

be felt by most women suffering dyspareunia.

It is advisable to see your physician when you experience these symptoms so that you will have an

idea on what it is. In some cases, many women who experience persistent sexual pain do not seek

immediate medical consultation with their doctors. Having this condition treated will provide

improvements on your sex life, self image and intimacy issues.

There are many causes of painful intercourse. It can vary on the location of the pain felt by women.

The first are the causes of entry pain. It can be caused by inadequate lubrication which is the

result of foreplay that is not enough. It can also be caused by a decrease in estrogen levels after

childbirth, during breast feeding or menopause.

There are also medications that decreases lubrication and make intercourse painful, this includes

sedative, antidepressants, high blood pressure medications and some birth control pills. Another

cause of entry pain is vaginismus or the involuntary spasm of the vaginal wall muscles that makes

any penetration painful. Other causes include injury, trauma or irritation, inflammation and

infection or a skin disorder. The deep pain that is felt happens when there is deep penetration

and can be more distinct in some positions. Causes of deep pain include certain illnesses and

conditions. It can include endometriosis, cystitis, haemorrhoids and pelvic inflammatory disease.

It can also be caused by infections that include the uterus, fallopian tubes or the cervix.

Surgeries that involve the pelvic area can also cause pain upon intercourse, as well as treatments

for cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation.

There are certain emotional factors that can cause pain during

intercourse. It can be psychological problems such as depression, anxiety,

fear of intimacy and low self esteem.

All of these psychological problems can cause low arousal level, thus

resulting to pain or discomfort.

Other causes of pain is stress and if the woman has a history of sexual

abuse. It is time to visit your doctor when you are experiencing recurrent pain during intercourse.

You must be prepared to answer questions related to sex and intimacy, this is part of the visit and

this can be your chance to voice out your concerns regarding your condition.

On your part, you can do the following tasks during your check-up. You should take note of the

sexual difficulties you are experiencing, it should include how often and when you usually

experience the pain or discomfort.

You should list down vital medical information, medications and the vitamins you are going to take.

If you have any questions, you can ask your doctor. As part of the medical check-up, your doctor

will require you to undergo a few tests and diagnosis. The first is the complete medical history.

It includes the onset of the pain, location, how it feels and if pain is felt in every position. Your

doctor will also ask about your sexual history, surgical history and childbirth experiences.

You must answer your doctor truthfully since this can provide clues to the cause of the pain you

are experiencing.

The next is the pelvic examination.This is performed to check for signs of irritation, anatomical

problems and infection. Your doctor will examine your genital area and the pelvic muscles, as well

as the vagina with the use of a speculum. Women might find the pelvic exam uncomfortable, if

you experience pain, you can inform your doctor. Other tests include the pelvic ultrasound or

a laparoscopy.

The treatment of dyspareunia involves an integrated treatment approach. The treatment that

you will receive depends on the underlying cause of the pain you are experiencing. Painful

intercourse used to be viewed primarily as a mental problem that requires a psychosomatic

treatment. Fortunately, that view is outdated. Researchers and doctors now understand the

many causes of dyspareunia and recommend an integrated, versatile treatment approach.

The treatment you will receive depends on the primary cause of your pain.The first treatment

approach is the use of sexual techniques and counselling, this can help in minimizing the pain with

a few adjustments to your sexual routine. It is best if you and your partner will switch positions.

Next is to communicate properly with your partner. It is essential to have a longer foreplay to

promote natural lubrication. You can also use lubricants to make sex comfortable.

The third treatment approach involves the use of medications and therapies. The doctor can treat

the underlying condition that causes the pain. Estrogen therapy to increase the depleted estrogen

levels, you can use a tablet, cream or a vaginal ring.

Another is the desensitization therapy that involves vaginal relaxation exercises. For prevention

measures, try to change your hygiene habits such as avoiding bath products that are scented.

These products can cause irritation to the genital area and can decrease the production of

natural lubrication. Dyspareunia can be devastating for your sexual life.

If you are experiencing periodic pain during intercourse, you should immediately visit your




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Vaginal Dryness- Causes of Painful and Discomfort Sex


Vaginal Dryness Can Kill Your Marriage!


It is my hope that this information will help anyone

reading it to locate a solution to this common problem.

Statistics have revealed that over half of all women

between the ages of 30 and 40 suffer from this

condition from time to time. In fact, vaginal dryness

is ranked very high as one of the problems that woman

with menopause face. It is also no secret that if the

vagina does not secrete the proper levels of moisture,

that sex can become very unpleasant for both the

man and the women and give one another pleasure is the whole purpose of having sex in the first

place right? Even worst vaginal dryness causes irrational and soreness which leads to painful

sex for the women that suffer from this condition. For many this has become a gigantic blockade

that is located smack dab in the middle of their marriage or relationship.

What can be done to restore the vagina’s natural lubrication levels?

One of the factors that contributes greatly to poor vaginal lubrication is low levels of estrogen

in the body. Low levels of this hormone cause the walls of the vagina to stretch out less and

become smaller in thickness. Sjogren’s disease is also a cause of vaginal dryness as it counteracts

the body’s attempts to use cells to create moisture. Studies have also shown that the when a

women has ovarian surgery or has been treated for cancer the bodies level of moisture are

negatively impacted. Amazingly enough emotional problems can also contribute to the body’s

lack of moisture.

Emotional problems such as depression or high levels of stress are some of the biggest causes

of vaginal dryness. You would be surprise at just how much of a mental game sex is. During

intercourse there are a slew of signals that we must successfully send to our bodies and if there is

a breakdown in communication, we get the above problems. Now that we have addressed some of

the causes of vaginal dryness let’s discuss a few of the solutions as well. Naturally the most obvious

solution to the body lacking moisture is to drink as much water as possible. Many of the women

that suffer from this condition are movers and shakers that do not take the time to stop and

observe the level of water that they drink daily. Beverages such as pop and juices are not

substitutes for good old fashion H2O.Another solution that is not so obvious is to monitor just what

is contained in the bath soap that is used. Often there are ingredients that are abrasive and reduce

the vagina’s lubrication that the body naturally supplies it with.

Germany Sex Drops is a great product that promotes healthy vaginal functionality and

drastically increase sex drive with just a drop or two mixed into a drink .Lastly there are

diets that cater to balancing your hormone levels that can be used to diminish vaginal

dryness.  I hope that this article has been help and thanks again for stopping by.

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Painful Intercourse – The Must-Know Sex Bits For Women


Painful Intercourse

Sex looks great in movies, but in real life,

it is excruciatingly painful for many women.

Find out why you don’t have to live with it.


There is that painful truth among some women that sex can

sometimes be painful.  It is a medical condition called

Dyspareunia and it is more common among women than men.

It is estimated that about one in every five women have painful

intercourse at one point or another in their adult lives. This can

be a cause of frustration that can also damage a relationship,

especially since not all women who experience this pain would

discuss it with their partners or with their doctors. Some women

who experience pain during intercourse may start feeling

anxious every time their partner gets intimate.

Some would develop a fear of sex or a loss of sex drive that will eventually bring  animosity in the

relationship.  Lack of intimacy is one of the major causes of divorce and painful intercourse could

be one of the factors that lead to the lowered sexual desire in a marriage. If you are experiencing

painful intercourse, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor.  It may just be caused by lack of

lubrication in the genitals which may result from hormonal disorders.

In some cases, you may be advised to take a pap smear to detect any sign of infection or

inflammation inside the vagina or the cervix.  Unless the cause of pain is detected, a woman may

correlate intercourse with pain and would then not be able to enjoy the sexual experience with

her partner.

Factors that may cause painful intercourse include the following:

1. Dryness

Dryness or lack of lubrication is one of the most common causes of pain during intercourse.

There is natural lubrication in the vagina, but it may not be enough for easy penetration during

sex.  This may happen because of lack of foreplay, a hormonal imbalance or the over-use of

anti-allergy medicines as well as frequent use of feminine douches. There are a variety of sex

drops or lubes but the best kinds are plain water-based ones  such as Germany Sex induce liquid.

2. Yeast Infection

If you feel a burning sensation, itchiness, and soreness around the vaginal area and if you have

a cheese-like discharge, you may be suffering from a yeast infection.  This is an infection caused

by a proliferation of the Candida Albanis yeast fungi which happens when the body’s immunity

is low.  Yeast infection can easily be cured through topical creams and through the use of

probiotics, which increase the beneficial bacteria in the body that fight the yeast fungi.

3. Ovarian Cysts

Every month, follicles that house the female eggs necessary for reproduction grow in a woman’s

ovary. Normally these follicles erupt during the menstrual cycle to let go of the eggs, but there

are some instances when these follicles do not get discharged, as they should be.  In time, the

follicles may get engorged with fluid, tissues or blood and these are what we know as ovarian

cysts.  These cysts usually go away on their own, but there are instances when they have to be

removed surgically.

4. Urinary Tract Infection

If you feel not just discomfort during sex, but also pain when you pee, you most likely have a

urinary tract infection.  This can easily be treated with antibiotics and by drinking lots of water.

These are the most common causes of pain during intercourse. In order to understand this

condition better, it is best to consult your doctor and run some tests to rule out more serious


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