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Low Sex Drive – Causes and solutions
* Low Sex Drive What the causes of a low sex drive and what can be done to increase it.   Of course there are always two sides to a coin (Men and Women in this case), so with this topic I will lean toward the causes of a low sex drive in women. It is my hope that this article will help anyone suffering from this condition to find a solution. Today it ha...
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Boosting Female Libido – Ways to Bring Back the Passion
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Effective Guide In Treating – Loss Of Female Libido
*       The problems of loss of female libido will effect on your love life. In general sexual desire is the first essential for successful sex and loss of libido is one of the great problems for both men and women. Sometimes drugs for treating high blood pressure or other conditions can lower the female libido. Or it can be a symptoms of depression...
How To Get Rid Of Female Libido Problems
*     There are a lot of women who suffer from female libido problems. This is neither uncommon nor is it a life threatening or alarming situation. This is why it is quite unfortunate that a lot of women suffer silently and are unable to come to grips with the fact that it is quite a normal occurrence. It is also true that these problems act as a h...

Experience The Joy of Mutual Masturbation




You may be asking yourself, “mutual masturbation?”


Well, we all know that masturbation is something

you can do on your own, and if someone else is

with you in the room, then isn’t it just sex? This

is true, but masturbation is a type of sex too;

enjoying masturbation with your partner can

be a fantastic way to be very intimate, and

share exactly how each of you likes to be touched.

Like all sex, there is not just one way to do it,

but here are some tips just to get things started.

Remember, masturbation is sex, so this could be a quickie, or last an entire romantic night.

Here’s why you should be doing it:

Most of us carry feelings of embarrassment and shame when it comes to masturbation, so let’s talk

about the benefits of mutual masturbation. 

It’s a very good way to deal with the fact that you and your partner probably don’t have the same

kind of sex drives, which makes mutual masturbation a good alternative when one of you isn’t really

in the mood.

It also helps you learn what your partner really likes, and in turn, shows your partner what you like,

and really gets you going. 

It’s also a very personal part of who you are that most likely not a lot of people have seen, and can

be a wonderful and powerful way of sharing this very personal and intimate part of yourself. 

Here’s how you should start out:


1. Be comfortable with masturbating on your own!

The first step to sharing this with a partner is to be very comfortable doing it all on your own. This

could mean that you learn about masturbation myths, or just exploring it more by yourself. If

you’ve never thought of how you like to masturbate, take note the next time you do of specific

patterns or fantasies you like. The end goal is to be able to communicate either with words or by

showing your partner what it is that really gets your engine going, so you need to take time to figure

this all out for yourself first.



2. Wait until both of you are ready.

Don’t allow yourselves to be pressured into doing it. While mutual masturbation can really help to

enhance your sex lives, it can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed, so you should only do it

when both of you are very comfortable with masturbation itself, and with each other. If you are

still feeling anxious about it, think of some small steps you can make to get there.


3. Talk about masturbation with your partner.

It’s always a good idea to talk to your partner before you try

anything new in the bedroom, so talk about masturbation!

While it’s likely most people continue to masturbate while in

relationships, most people continue to hide it from their

partner. You don’t need to get all serious or dramatic about

it, you could even start the conversation from the

perspective of just being curious, share stories of when you

first started masturbating, or how you learned to do it.

The whole point is just to get talking about it, and making it

a topic you both feel comfortable with it being out in the open.


4. Respect that masturbation is often a private affair.

That first time you masturbate with your partner , you will probably feel strange. We all have a

specific way we enjoy masturbating, and part of that is feeling alone, and enjoying a private

moment. A way to get past this for that first time is to close your eyes, or even use a scarf or

blindfold. When you close your eyes, it will be easier for you to become more comfortable in this

new situation. A lot of people find that this is the easiest way to masturbate while someone else

is there for those first few times.


5. Play nice and take turns!

The best things about masturbation in front of a partner, besides the results of masturbation, is the

fact that your partner is learning what turns you one, and vice versa. The both of you should have

opportunity to watch and be watched without distraction. The first time you do it, if you’re feeling

weird, maybe agree to take turns, one of you begins while the other watches until climax, then the

watcher masturbates in turn. Of course, mutual masturbation at the same time can definitely be fun,

if you allow yourself to be the center of attention, it can be very arousing not only for you, but for

your partner, while they also learn more about your favourite moves.


So as you can see, mutual masturbation is a great trick to add to your sexual bag; throw in a toy or

lube, mixing it up can only help you to achieve a better time, and deeper knowledge.



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How To Making Your Relationship More Romantic




Do You Wish to Have a Romantic Relationship ?


Actively learning and behaving more romantically

can be some of the first steps towards creating

a more intimate and passionate relationship,

whether you have only been seeing each other

for a short while, or have been married for

years. It’s pretty well known that if you want to

make a woman happy, you have to connect with

her emotionally, and a great way to do that is to being romantic with her. Here, you’ll find some

romantic things to do and tips to help create a closer relationship with your woman.


Being romantic is about being more personal. We know that receiving a card can be a very nice

gesture, but a card that has a handwritten note inside is romantic. Find things that she will really

enjoy receiving, after getting to know her, you should have some insight to her interests, desires,

and passions. By knowing who she is, you can easily choose what would tug more at her emotions

and be most appealing to her.


Spend some quality time with her, one on one. One of the simplest, and best ways you can be

more romantic is to spend time with her alone, showing her you want to enjoy her company. Cozy

up for a conversation with a bottle of wine, laugh together, go for a walk, relax on the beach

together, or just cuddle on the couch watching your favourite show.

There’s no need for spending crazy amounts of money on romantic cruises, or vacations if you

don’t have the resources. Sincerity in even the simplest of notions will not be less romantic for

your partner.


Surprise her. Cook her favourite meal, help her out with keeping the household in good order,

pick her up from work. Get a hotel room for the weekend, and spend that time completely

alone and with each other. Pick up tickets to one of her favourite shows, get creative! Again,

your gestures needn’t be expensive to be romantic. A deep massage only costs you the effort,

and yet is always well received.

Be creative in how you say “I love you”. Although the words are true, just saying “I love you”

every day can become a bit monotonous and lose its meaning; however, when you find new ways

to say those very romantic words, you can show her that you mean it enough to keep it feeling

as fresh the 1000th time as it did the first. Leave her romantic little notes posted around the

house for her to find, or write a surprise romantic email or text message. There are many ways

you can tell her you care for her and think of her all the time.


Don’t forget important dates. Remembering her birthday, and your anniversary should be

your first priority concerning important dates. Mark them in your calendar, and plan ahead for

these special days. Many women consider remembering these dates very important, and

forgetting them can be a very big no-no


Complimenting and appreciating your woman shows her

you don’t take her for granted, and in turn, can be very

romantic. Take the time to notice all that she does for

you, and thank her, compliment her. I hope that there

are definitely some things that she does that are worth

the notice and appreciation. It could be a new haircut

that you like on her, how she looks in that new dress.

Appreciating the things your woman does, and expressing it, is a great way you can be romantic.


Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy a dance or two. You can do it in your living room, put on some

romantic music and ask her to dance with you. Lustily grab her, and you’ll be sweeping her off her

feet when you hold her close and dance through the house. She will adore the two of you holding

each other, creating a romantic bubble that shuts out the rest of the world out for a while. Music

is a powerful tool that can ease the stress of daily anxieties, and can absolutely help to create a

romantic mood. Why not even surprise her by making a mix of songs that the two of you think of

when you think of each other, music that you can dance to. This will definitely turn any day

around for her, and get her in the mood for romance.



The power of touch is unprecedented, so give her a massage. What better way to make her

relaxed, happy, and warm than a great massage by the man who loves her? By its very nature,

massage is romantic, but the thought that you would take time out to help her relax and make

her body feel great just brings it up another notch. Light candles, turn off the lights, warm

up some scented oils, and she just might think that she’s dreaming a fantastic dream.

Romance is an art of thoughtfulness, and she will see how much you care for her by seeing how

much time and effort you put into making her feel loved, taken care of, relaxed, and happy.



Use a gentle hand. The many ways that people touch each other sends different feelings and

sensations. Many women complain their partner only touches them when they want sex; but

women themselves also like hand holding, cuddling, kissing, and gentle physical closeness, on top

of sexual touch. Don’t be afraid to touch your woman in loving ways that don’t have to do with

sex, make touch part of your everyday interactions.


Remember, in anything you try to become more romantic with your partner, be sure that it is

always done in sincerity, and try not to overdo it.



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