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Experience The Joy of Mutual Masturbation




You may be asking yourself, “mutual masturbation?”


Well, we all know that masturbation is something

you can do on your own, and if someone else is

with you in the room, then isn’t it just sex? This

is true, but masturbation is a type of sex too;

enjoying masturbation with your partner can

be a fantastic way to be very intimate, and

share exactly how each of you likes to be touched.

Like all sex, there is not just one way to do it,

but here are some tips just to get things started.

Remember, masturbation is sex, so this could be a quickie, or last an entire romantic night.

Here’s why you should be doing it:

Most of us carry feelings of embarrassment and shame when it comes to masturbation, so let’s talk

about the benefits of mutual masturbation. 

It’s a very good way to deal with the fact that you and your partner probably don’t have the same

kind of sex drives, which makes mutual masturbation a good alternative when one of you isn’t really

in the mood.

It also helps you learn what your partner really likes, and in turn, shows your partner what you like,

and really gets you going. 

It’s also a very personal part of who you are that most likely not a lot of people have seen, and can

be a wonderful and powerful way of sharing this very personal and intimate part of yourself. 

Here’s how you should start out:


1. Be comfortable with masturbating on your own!

The first step to sharing this with a partner is to be very comfortable doing it all on your own. This

could mean that you learn about masturbation myths, or just exploring it more by yourself. If

you’ve never thought of how you like to masturbate, take note the next time you do of specific

patterns or fantasies you like. The end goal is to be able to communicate either with words or by

showing your partner what it is that really gets your engine going, so you need to take time to figure

this all out for yourself first.



2. Wait until both of you are ready.

Don’t allow yourselves to be pressured into doing it. While mutual masturbation can really help to

enhance your sex lives, it can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed, so you should only do it

when both of you are very comfortable with masturbation itself, and with each other. If you are

still feeling anxious about it, think of some small steps you can make to get there.


3. Talk about masturbation with your partner.

It’s always a good idea to talk to your partner before you try

anything new in the bedroom, so talk about masturbation!

While it’s likely most people continue to masturbate while in

relationships, most people continue to hide it from their

partner. You don’t need to get all serious or dramatic about

it, you could even start the conversation from the

perspective of just being curious, share stories of when you

first started masturbating, or how you learned to do it.

The whole point is just to get talking about it, and making it

a topic you both feel comfortable with it being out in the open.


4. Respect that masturbation is often a private affair.

That first time you masturbate with your partner , you will probably feel strange. We all have a

specific way we enjoy masturbating, and part of that is feeling alone, and enjoying a private

moment. A way to get past this for that first time is to close your eyes, or even use a scarf or

blindfold. When you close your eyes, it will be easier for you to become more comfortable in this

new situation. A lot of people find that this is the easiest way to masturbate while someone else

is there for those first few times.


5. Play nice and take turns!

The best things about masturbation in front of a partner, besides the results of masturbation, is the

fact that your partner is learning what turns you one, and vice versa. The both of you should have

opportunity to watch and be watched without distraction. The first time you do it, if you’re feeling

weird, maybe agree to take turns, one of you begins while the other watches until climax, then the

watcher masturbates in turn. Of course, mutual masturbation at the same time can definitely be fun,

if you allow yourself to be the center of attention, it can be very arousing not only for you, but for

your partner, while they also learn more about your favourite moves.


So as you can see, mutual masturbation is a great trick to add to your sexual bag; throw in a toy or

lube, mixing it up can only help you to achieve a better time, and deeper knowledge.



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Great Strategies To Map Out a New Sex Life




Today, we’re going to talk about how to start fresh. You’ve already read the series of articles, and

now you’re ready to put them into action. You have a bunch of ideas swimming around in your head,

a new perspective, and now you want it all to become a reality; but you find yourself held back by

the same old patterns of your relationship, and that you’re scared you may relent and return to

them for good. You may also be embarrassed to begin communicating to your spouse about where

you would like your sex life to go from here. The following are some great strategies for mapping

out that new sex life you want, and getting yourselves off to a fresh start:

1. Talk to Your Partner

Have you sat down with them and really had a good hashing out of

what you’d like for your relationship? Have you tried to tell your

wife that you want to feel more intimate with her? If you want to

change your sex life for the better, you have to take this 

seemingly big step of talking to her about it.

We have to understand the difference between being embarrassed about talking about sex, and

being scared because sex has caused conflict in the past, and we’re worried our partner won’t 

take us seriously, or may assume that we have negative motives.

You cannot control how another person thinks or reacts; but you can begin the conversation and

be truthful. If they don’t react well, resist the urge to defend what you’re saying. Let them speak,

especially in situations where there’s been hurt in the past. Just remember to share what’s in

your heart too.


2. Say Sorry For Any Hurt You’ve Caused

It’s absolutely necessary to acknowledge when we have caused hurt to our partner. When I was

first married to my husband, we hurt each other; I hurt him by withholding sex, or by accusing him

of wanting it too much. He hurt me by not considering my feelings, and not taking things more

slowly. At the time, when we were in the midst of this conflict, we could not see that either of us

was doing anything wrong at all. All we could do was know how much the other person hurt us.

Take a look at yourself and see if you are doing things in spite of your partner. Be honest with

yourself. Even if your partner did something really hurtful, like have an affair, or use pornography,

ask yourself: was I keeping sex from him? Was I being fair to him before he hurt me? I’m not

trying to say that you are completely to blame for your spouse’s wrongdoings, not one bit! But it

is imperative that we really look to see if we have anything to apologize for ourselves. Then you

just have to be plain about it, no beating around the bush.


3. Forgiving Each Other


If your spouse has hurt you by demanding that you do things sexually that you didn’t want to do,

or having a lack of patience, withholding sex, whatever it is, choose to forgive them. Tell your

spouse that they hurt you, and how, then confess to what you have done.

Now, the both of you should choose to put it all behind you, completely. I had to do this in my own

marriage, I had to say, “I don’t have the right to hold this against you anymore,” or else we could

have never moved forward. Every time we had an argument about sex, everything from the past

would be drudged up, then we couldn’t solve anything. So we had to forgive each other for past

transgressions once and for all, it is in the past.



4. Gain a New Perspective of Your Spouse

Now that you’ve settle all slights against each other, really commit to

see each other in a different light. Maybe you’ve always had a nagging

feeling that your wife doesn’t really want you. Maybe you’re not sure

whether or not she’s ever had an orgasm with you. You need to put

these doubts and fears behind you both.

If your spouse tells you that  they want to start over, believe them! Don’t try to doubt their motives,

and try to act as if you’re starting all over again, rediscovering what it is that brought you two

together in the first place.

Picture this: a wife realizes that she’s been holding back sex from her husband. She wants to change

things. At the same time, he’s been holding back affection because he isn’t feeling loved. They both

tell this to each other, then resolve to move past this together. They are now both excited to move

forward together!

For a few nights, things are fantastic. Then one night, she’s too tired and has a bit of a headache.

She just wants to go to sleep. He thinks, “oh wonderful, we’re not getting anywhere. She said she

wanted things to change, but she’s back to her usual tricks. This is never going to last.” He gets

angry. She knows that he’s upset, and she thinks, “he doesn’t care that I’ve worked hard all week,

and just need a good sleep. Sex is really the only thing he can think about!” And then they’re back 

to their old ways.

If your spouse has told you they want things to change, then from that point onward, see them

through that perspective, not the old ones. If she’s said to you she wants things to be different,

and things are becoming better, then a few nights here and there that she has a headache, or is

really tired, shouldn’t be a big deal for you. If you let yourself obsess about what happened in

the past, then it will be a big deal. So view them in that different light, and believe in the best

of them.


5. Switch It Up

The last point is easier to do if you are actually changing what the two of you do in the bedroom.

I suggested you both take fifteen minutes to reawaken your body by letting him just touch you,

then you just touch him? It’s actually a great exercise to do every once in a while, and when

you’re starting over again, it’s good to do it A LOT! It really helps for you both to discover, and

rediscover things about each other, and it also helps you to not just do the “usual” by either

jumping straight for sex, or by touching each other in ways which you thought were pleasurable

to the other person, but which actually are not. Getting things going in new and different ways,

reacquainting yourselves with the other’s body as if doing so for the first time, helps you both

to trust each other when you are trying out something new.

Then jump right in to doing those new things! If you’ve both tended to make love in a specific way,

try something different. Do it in a different position, different room, different time of day. It

doesn’t matter how you change things up, just change things so it feels new and exciting. Don’t

allow yourselves to get back into thinking there are negative motives behind the other’s actions.

You need to build up the trust, especially where there’s been conflict in the past, and you need to

put it behind you. Shake things up so that you both know this is a new chapter in your book. You’re

walking down a new path now, with different scenery, and this is a fantastic thing!

I received an email recently from a woman who has not had sex since her youngest child was born

quite a while ago. She realizes that this is not good, and she wants to create an intimate and

sexual marriage again. But how does she change this situation around? And how often should they

have sex now, since they haven’t in quite some time?


What I would answer is that they don’t make any judgements based

on what’s happened in the past. Do not even consider the past. Just

think of what an intimate sex life should look like. Think of how you

want to be together, and then do exactly that! It may feel awkward,

especially if sex has been out of the game for a while.

Just concentrate on what’s ahead of you both, not what’s behind you.


If it helps, look to God and ask Him to show you what your new love life could be, and travel

towards that vision. Don’t allow yourselves to be held back by what you’ve done and encountered

in the past.


6. Giving Grace to Each Other

If your partner is saying that they’re completely committed to this change, that they want to grow,

you need to understand that it’s not going to happen overnight for either of you. They may still be

holding onto old thought and action patterns because it’s what they’ve known for a long time, it’s

going to take time to get passed it. If there’s healing that needs to happen, it is not going to happen

in an instant. Don’t allow the fact that things won’t completely change this very minute make you

believe that your partner is not trying. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Just keep loving them,

and keep forging ahead!

One more thing: really work on creating the best friendship you can with your partner. If you both

can keep laughing and sharing things together, sex will be much easier. If you continue to make a

point to have fun together, then you’ll be easily able to talk to each other about the important

stuff, and when you get worried about the sexual aspect of your relationship, it’s easier to bring

up because there’s a strong foundation of friendship already there to support you.


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Good Sexual Communication Skills


How To Spice Up Sex With Sexual Communication




How to spice up sex life with good sex communication skills?


In our relationships, communicating about

anything that has to do with sex and sexuality

can be incredibly challenging, and yet, is one

of the most important aspects in a relationship.

Let’s talk about what you should be talking

about, and how to talk about it to improve your

love life. Even though we are completely

surrounded by sexual content in media, allowing

us to believe that having the greatest sex life

ever is super easy; however, talking about sex and sexuality in a positive, constructive manner is

just not that simple.

When you let your partner know what you like in bed, there must be respect, honesty, and patience.

And both of you need to accept that each of your individual wants, needs, desires will change

with time; therefore, keeping up the sexual communication is imperative to the evolution of your

sex lives. When you take the time to talk about your sex life in a clear, and honest way can greatly

improve the intimacy in your relationship, giving the relationship a better chance at lasting.


1. Think before you speak.

Before you even think about talking about your sex life with your partner, you need to know what

you actually want beforehand. In this process, you should want to discuss improving your sex life,

to enjoy the sex you and your partner have more than you do now; not getting upset that he

forgot to take out the trash last week. When you are sure that your intentions are positive and

are focused on just the intimacy you share, devise a plan of all the things you’d like to discuss. You

also need to keep in mind the feelings of your partner, and what exactly you truly want. Make a list

if this makes things easier to organize and remember.


2. Ask the right questions.

When you are being intimate, begin to touch your partner the way you normally do, but while you do

so, ask them what they want: do you like it when I nibble on your neck? Do you like it when I

squeeze your nipples? Am I applying enough pressure to your clitoris? Is deep thrusting ok with you?

Once they let you know what they enjoy in bed, please remember that these preferences will always

stay the same; throughout the relationship, keep the conversation on sexual preferences an ongoing

one. Each person in the relationship needs to be heard, you need to be honest on your part, and a

good listener when your partner speaks up about their desires. It can put a damper on love making

when you have to answer a million questions while trying to be intimate; an even bigger damper is

when you let your lover know what you want, only to have him end up forgetting.


3. Get in the mood.
Pick when and where you would like to get

intimate, where you both can be alone and free of

distraction (at home is most likely best). If you

would like to increase the amount of sex you have,

perhaps setting up the proper mood before

seducing your lover; light candles and run a bath

for the two of you, then go to them, kiss

them, touch them. By doing this, you are communicating to them that you want intimacy without

even saying a single thing.



4. Keep positive.

When you want to communicate to your partner about the things they do that you like or dislike,

stick to telling them what they do well. It’s a very sensitive subject when it comes to how a

person makes love, none of us want to hear that the things we thought we were doing well are

actually not all that hot. When you tell them that it drives you mad when they nibble on your ear

instead of telling them you hate when they lick your belly, they’ll begin to focus on the things

you tell them you really like.


5. Give very clear instruction.

This is more or less a continuation on the last point where we want to keep criticism to a minimum

(whether constructive or negative). Tell your partner exactly what you would like to happen, and

what you’d specifically like done to you. Don’t be clinical about it, but be clear; you can whisper

something like, “look in my eyes while you unbutton my shirt,” or, “when you kiss me, run your

fingers down my torso,” or even, “touch my breasts”. I know you get it, it’s simple, but

straightforward. Doing this will get you what you desire, but it can also add a touch of eroticism

by expressing what you want in words, being honest and vulnerable.


6. Talk through touch.

There are times when you won’t actually need to talk to communicate what you want from your

partner; you can very simply direct your lover with your hands to where you want to be touched,

or what position you’d like to be in. You could even turn this into a game, neither of you are

allowed to talk, you’re only allowed to use your hands – and maybe some non-verbal sounds as

they happen naturally – to help you communicate what you both want.


7. Use positive reinforcement.

When your lover does something you really love when you’re being intimate, tell them! Tell them that

you love it when they do that, that what they just did was amazing; or you could always go the

non-verbal route and moan about it. Let them know when they’re doing something good because

everyone enjoys hearing what they’re good at, that what they’re making an effort at is paying off

and giving you both pleasure. Everyone desires praise, and why not give it when it comes to sex?


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What Women Wants After Sex ?



Do You Know What Women Wants After Sex ?


These days, there is a lot of focus on how to go

about getting sex and how to have good sex,

that it’s incredibly easy to not even think about

what happens after the fact. If you want to give

her an incredible experience she won’t forget,

don’t just stop when you are satisfied.

If you were in the middle of having sex with a

lady, and she suddenly stopped, got off of you, and turned over to start snoring in a few minutes

when you’re still raring to go, I’m certain you would be a little more than ticked. Unfortunately,

this is what some women often have to deal with. Just because you have gotten what you wanted

out of the encounter, doesn’t mean she has yet.


Perfectly good sex can be ruined by bad after sex etiquette..


You may think that she has already had orgasm, but if you don’t actually know her that well, and

maybe haven’t slept with her before, you can’t be sure unless you ask. Although you could be

incredibly sure that she did achieve orgasm, if you suddenly stopped, she could have been very

close to another, which would leave her frustrated. If she tells you that she is satisfied after

you asked, you can be pretty sure that she appreciates that you even asked. If she tells you she  

isn’t yet, then get working with your hands or mouth.

Not every single woman enjoys cuddling.

While we see in most every romantic comedy that the only thing a woman wants after climax is

some cuddling, it’s just simply not true for every woman. Read her body language after the act

is done; if she’s shying away from you or sprawled out, she probably doesn’t want to be

smothered in affection, she wants to come down. This is especially true when you’ve had pretty

vigorous sex, and she may be huffing and puffing still.


After it’s done, she still wants you to show interest in her.

She doesn’t want you to act like sex was the only reason you were interested in the first place,

and there’s no reason to be interested in her anymore. Behaving like this will make her feel like

you’ve used her, along with rejection. Continuing to kiss her, and fondle her in an affectionate

way instead of building towards sex will show her that you still find her engaging. You could

talk to her about what you both liked, exciting you both for another encounter down the road.


Be considerate and focus all your attention on her for a while

after sex. Don’t go checking your messages or emails, don’t

get dressed right away, and please, please don’t excuse

yourself to come back with snacks.


Don’t thank her.

While trying to be polite, don’t thank her for having sex with you.

If you’ve had it happen to you, you know why, if not, don’t make it

awkward for her. When you thank her for sex, you’re telling her

that she’s done a favor for you instead of it being an equally pleasurable time for the both of you.

Some women will even become offended at being thanked after sex because it can be thought of

as something you’d say when transacting with a sex worker. Again, even if she isn’t offended, it is

still very awkward.


Are you on the pill?

When she gets angry after you’ve asked this, it’s not because she wants to have your children; it

simply means that she views sex as something to be revered, not something purely for becoming

pregnant any old time she engages in sexual activity. This information should be discussed way

before you even get close to having sex. You need to go about this with some subtlety, and know

that if you don’t, she mostly likely not have sex with you again, on top of being upset with you.

Just let her feel that you’re not using her just for a fun night with her vagina.


Doing it again.

If she wants you to know that she wants more after the first go, it’s most likely she will be

touching you, kissing you, and generally doing her best to let you know that she’d like to have a

second go at it. If she’s going between touching herself and stroking your penis, you’ll be finding

yourself getting it on again in no time. If you’re older, or more comfortable in your relationship,

you might not be as easily able to go for a second round; remember that this is no one’s fault.

On top of this, you’ve already done a fair amount of work ensuring you are both satisfied, it’s

very likely that you don’t have enough energy to become aroused again right away.


So, what’s in it for you anyway?

Any effort you put into making a good impression in the bedroom on her will only make it more

likely that you’ll be enjoying each other’s company in the bedroom again. If you believe that it’s

a one-night-stand, it’s more likely that you won’t be ensuring that she’s just as satisfied as you

are; perhaps this is why a lot of men fall short in giving what a woman wants after he is done.

While you may think there’s nothing in it for you, her appreciation and pleasure should be

reward enough.



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5 Positive Outlooks Towards Your Sexual Desire





Sexual anticipation in a positive mindset can be one of the most potent turn on you could possibly experience; however, sexual anticipation that is viewed negatively is just as potent, but will quickly blow out that sexual flame. It’s unnecessary, then, to imply that sexual desire can, and will, make or break great sexual encounters. Indeed, the leading reason couples in long-term relationships stop having sex is because of a lack of sexual desire.


Let’s describe what sexual desire is; it is the thoughts and feelings you have toward sexual encounters with your lover – good or bad.

Do you recall how you felt back when you were in the blushes of a new relationship? You would long to touch, see, smell your lover, then rip their clothes off and have wild romp in the hay. In preparing for these sexual encounters by spending a large amount of time positively anticipating the encounter, by the time you were with the object of your desire, you would be aroused in an instant. In comparison with the thoughts and feelings you have today, what is the difference? For many women, the anticipation and “foreplay” becomes days of dread, walking around uneasily, and puzzling over when sexual intimacy will finally be initiated.


Then, when things are initiated, you are not instantly aroused as you once were, in fact, it probably takes twice as long (if it will happen at all), because you are caught up in your negative thoughts and feelings, the anxiety of waiting for sex; this then makes you unable to concentrate on the positive, pleasurable intimacy you so long for. Most women need around 10 to 15 minutes to loosen up and become aroused; strangely enough, this is about the same length of an average encounter of a sexual nature. All of a sudden, the moment is over, and you haven’t had time to actually enjoy yourself; even if you did experience an orgasm, it can induce a stronger feeling of resentment towards any sexual act that may occur in the future.


And there you have it, you find yourself in a sexual rut, and you just keep digging deeper every time you and your lover perform sexual acts. In order to turn this around, bringing the excitement back to your sex life, it is of utmost importance to start building up positive outlooks towards your sexual encounters.


Sadly, if a couple in a long-term relationship has gone many a year not expressing to each other their feelings and thoughts towards this situation, the foundation of a more positive view towards sex will be very difficult, especially for those women who tend to hang on to anger, and hold grudges for years. But there is no need to worry, this situation can be fixed with time and work.


Because sex is shared between the two of you, it is both of your responsibilities to make an equal effort, and push forwards to find the spark that was there when you married. The following are five suggestions to help you begin this journey to renewing your sex lives:


1. Great Sex Should Start Out of The Bedroom

A little romance, affection, intimacy, and touch during your everyday activities can go an incredibly long way to help a couple easily shift back into the bedroom. Make it your mission to enjoy 10 affectionate and intimate instant throughout your day, every day.

 2. Discuss Sex in a Positive Way

Be mindful of the ways in which you talk about sex with each other. Start making a point to be flirty, fun, and sexy in your every day conversation – maybe discuss the possibility of a future intimate encounter – which can be a fantastically simple way to make both your feelings about sex with each other a fun, and enticing idea again.


3. Decide To Plan Fun Sex, In Turns

Most people in long-term relationships tend to decide on sex without a particular plan, resulting in the same sex you’ve been having for ages. They say variety is the spice of life; well, your sex life is included! Changing things up will send sexual desire into overdrive. In a level relationship, where you both take on equal amounts of responsibility to keep the relationship happy, it’s only fitting that you should take turns planning out sexual adventures.

What you end up deciding on doing doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, some well-placed candles, luxurious massage oils, or relaxing in a delicious bath together can break up the monotony just as well as something doing something incredibly adventurous.


4. Know What You Want Out Of Your Sex Life and Talk With Your Partner About It

Helping your partner know how to plan a sexy evening that you will enjoy is as easy as sitting down and talking to them about what it is that you would like to experience in your intimate encounters. A fabulous idea is for the both of you to write out a wish list of sexy, sensual things you would like to do, and exchange the lists. Just knowing simply what your partner wants, and them knowing what you want that you may have never discussed could be enough to get you going right then and there.


5. Plan An Evening Completely Around Your Partner

Spoil your partner with a night dedicated to their enjoyment. You can do this every few months for each other. When you show this kind of care and devotion to your partner’s happiness, it will continue to add to the foundation of your relationship, making it that much stronger, as the feelings between you will continue to be fond over time. Try teasing them, and hint at what it is you’re planning for them days ahead.

Creating sexual desires in a positive, fun light needn’t be difficult or complex, even though it takes time and effort, you can clearly see the effects positive anticipation of sex can completely turn your sex life around.


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Easier Way To Get A Woman Horny



It’s a well known fact that men, on average, think of sex more often than

females do. Why is that? It’s most definitely not because sex isn’t as

important to a woman, or that sex doesn’t feel as good to a woman. With

this in mind, why does it seem that in our society, men feel that they do

not get enough sex from their mates?

Many men, who are in otherwise fulfilling relationships, walk around

feeling sexually deprived. The problem is that men need to get their mate to desire them more

often; or at the very least, as often as is needed to keep up with a particular man’s sexual needs.

But how can this be achieved?

Because women also think about sex often, as it’s just as pleasurable for a woman as it is a man,

there are easy ways to instil sexual desire in a woman. What men need to realize is that women are

not as visual as men are. To speak plainly, a woman is not stimulated by the attractiveness of a man

alone; whereas a man can easily become aroused by seeing a beautiful woman walk by.



So what is this magical component that can push a woman over the edge in sexual desire?

What you need to look for is a particular woman’s preferences that makes her want sexual release

as much as you do. The only way that a woman will reach boiling point is if she receives the most

suitable kind of stimulation, for her, during foreplay. The most important thing to remember is that

foreplay begins for a woman the moment you wake up. When you treat her with respect and kindness,

put her needs before your own, you start off on the right foot.

Firstly, if you want to try a sexual act that you haven’t yet tried with a particular woman, you should

talk about it first without trying to be manipulating or aggressive about it. As an example, if you would

like to have oral sex with a woman, and would like her to want to as well, introduce it to her in

conversation first. You don’t want to just come out and tell her that you would like oral sex because

it’s on your mind all the time. Instead, you want to engage in a conversation about your intimacy,

remember to keep it light and don’t take things too seriously and personally. You could try and get

her to talk about how she feels about oral sex, and let her know, gently, how you feel about it. Don’t

be pushy or intrusive about it. If she’s shy, let her think about it over time. You just want to introduce

the concept of sharing this with you. If you are too aggressive with it, she will start to pull away from

you, and you don’t want that.

You want her to feel like she can talk to you, that there’s no pressure. To

create more intimacy while talking about your sex life, speak softly so

that she can move in closer to you. This will allow you to both feel more

connected to one another, and create a safe space just for the two of


Taking her out to a romantic dinner can be a perfect opportunity to

engage in a flirty conversation with her; but make sure that she isn’t embarrassed to talk

about intimate things in a public setting. Once you start talking about intimate things, she will

automatically begin to think about sex with you. You don’t need to be aggressive because the

thought is planted in her mind, setting the stage for the rest of the night.

From here, you can carry on this conversation someplace more private and begin to kiss and caress

your partner. Whatever specific act you would like to have fulfilled, you must not make her think that

all you are out for is fulfilling your own needs and nothing more. You need to make her feel like the act

is what you both want.


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Learn How To Talk Dirty To Your Lover





Saying naughty things can be incredibly titillating, arousing, and wonderfully dirty, with the right

partner. For those in long distance relationships, or enduring physical separation when one partner

is away,adding this wonderful technique to your bag can really help in spicing up your sex life.

However, if you’re not that familiar with talking dirty, being asked to talk dirty can be very

intimidating, often giving rise to much panic and not so sexy hesitation and self-consciousness.

Fortunately, with some planning and rehearsal, talking dirty can elevate your intimate moments to

an entirely new level.

The most important aspects of learning how to talk dirty in the bedroom 

are being completely honest and just being yourself. If you go ahead and

tell your partner that his chiselled abs turn you on when he actually has a

bit of a beer belly, he may end up thinking you’re a little off your rocker.

The thing is, you have to be genuine and remain focused on your partner;

leave any preconceived notions you may have about talking dirty behind.

It’s not necessary for you to act as characters in a particular scene from movies or television.

Unless you want to break out into the policeman and hooker characters, perhaps even the fiendish

teacher and the deviant school girl act. These are some easy, and fun, circumstances to talk dirty

to one another.

For those of us who have been raised to never speak impolitely, learning to talk dirty can prove quite

difficult without having the proper vocabulary for it. It doesn’t matter how crazy the sex is, if you

say something like, “can I please position my erect penis in your vagina,” you can completely leave a

hot moment in shambles. The thing to remember is to outright avoid any technical or clinical terms;

use words that feel forbidden to you. If you use the right words, it can make any moment even more

feverish, increase the thrill, and be a great way to let out your inner naughtiness. If you find

yourself at a loss in terms of what to say, picking up a few cheap romance novels at your local

supermarket, or watching some porn can help you to figure out what words and phrases help in

turning you on.


Once you’ve figured out what you want to say, begin to practice by

yourself, as speaking in this unfamiliar way for the first time can be feel

more embarrassing and ludicrous than sexy and naughty. Just continue

saying the words and phrases until they begin to feel more comfortable to


When you’ve got the language down, begin using the new speech with your partner, but remember

to begin slowly. I could be quite alarming to your partner if you just dive in head first with the new

language. Allow your partner to become comfortable and used to the idea of you being more vocal

in the bedroom along with more talking. If you start out slowly, it will enable your partner to

become more at ease with talking dirty, which will make them feel comfortable in talking dirty back

to you.

Most likely, your partner will end up LOVING the dirty talk and will be more than ready for more of

it. Remember to be very articulate about what makes you feel good, and don’t be timid when it comes

to telling your partner what you enjoy and what you want them to do to you. When both you and your

partner are comfortable, you can continue to add more and more with time, adding to the rapture.

Remember, a little practice on your own can ease you into feeling comfortable, and maybe allow you

to eventually love talking dirty. Talking dirty is a fantastic way to really create more passion in your

relationship, and add a new, exciting element to your sex life.


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If we’re being honest with ourselves, sex is a crucial part in anyone’s

relationship, and a shared satisfaction in your sex life can often be the

bond that keeps you together. The fact that so many people are focused

mostly on the effort of making sure that they have an exhilarating sex life,

comes as no surprise.

Let’s take a moment to think about the significant role sex plays in terms of a

relationship before we get into specific bedroom practices. As pivotal sex is for any couple, it is just as

pivotal to remember to keep sex in context. Instead of being the most important component to a

relationship, sex should be viewed as only one of a plethora of things that a couple could enjoy

together. Using sex to deal with a rocky relationship is most definitely something to be avoided, as it

will more than likely end up backfiring on you both.

If you are fairly sure that your relationship is in fine, working order however, and you are just looking

for techniques that will add some spice in the bedroom, some helpful hints follow.

What’s the best way to find out what your partner likes? Asking, of course! It’s pretty obvious, isn’t

it? Even so, it can be quite astonishing how many people like to think they know exactly what their

partner wants in bed all of the time. Unfortunately for these many people, sexuality is a boundless

and often perplexing landscape prone to peculiarities and changing desires, there is, more often than

not, absolutely no way of truly knowing what your partner wants unless you ask.

Be prepared. I you are expecting to have a romantic rendezvous with your loved one, you will likely

have a more pleasurable time if you take the initiative to make plans beforehand. If you have young

children, it’s probably a good idea to send them to their grandparents’ for the weekend. If you want

to truly make the rendezvous special, you can always book a room at a nice, cozy hotel. It need not

be anything incredibly fancy, mind you; the chief thing here is to make your next encounter a little

more memorable than your usual romp in the hay.

Set the stage. You can add a little more heat to the moment by adding a few

more finishing touches that will make your time together even more special.

The old standby of “rose-petals-on-the-bed” is still an astoundingly efficient

technique, strangely enough; and you can also think about purchasing

some delicious scented oils. While you’re at it, get the bath running, it’s

quite possible that a cozy soak together could be the exact thing to kick things into overdrive!

Lastly, remember to keep it fun! Sex is an affectionate and intimate act that provides to bring a couple

together, but that in no way means that it shouldn’t be fun! If you keep an open mind while staying

within your comfort level, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be having a great time.


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What can you do to help her reaching orgasm?


No matter how much a person emotionally attached is

with his partner, participation of sex is one of the

major aspect of the relationship.

Without sex, emotional attachments get weakened

by the time and finally the relationships end up

with the cases like separation, divorce or extra

marital affairs.

Sexual practices should be considered as major aspect of happily married life. Couples should 

be well educated in the field of sex in order to get the most out of it. Many failed sex stories

occur due to the lack of  libido and  proper sex education.


No sex is complete without complete satisfaction of both the partners involved in the process.

The ultimate satisfaction can be gained by the orgasms that a person experiences while

progressing towards the end of the course. A partner experiencing orgasm can feel ultimate

satisfaction. However, in some cases, the situation can be weird. This happens when one of

the two partners faces orgasm and the other one is left incomplete. As, after having an orgasm,

the desire of having sex wings away, the other partner remains unsatisfied, thus leaving him

frustrated and irritated. If this starts happening more often, the unsatisfied partner starts

hunting for another person who can give her complete sexual satisfaction.


In order to enjoy happily married life, sexual satisfaction of both the partners is

compulsory. This satisfaction can be achieved when both the partners can have orgasms

together. Although, this is not a very big deal, many people, especially males never take these

things seriously and they often leave their female partners unsatisfied. If this is the case,

both the partners should talk freely to each other and should then come out with the

appropriate solution for the problem. There are many books and guides available in the market

which provides step-by-step process on how to resist while coming close to orgasm. These

books also teach what should be done in order to enjoy orgasms by both partners together and

at the same time.


Many men enjoy when their female partner orgasms. Also, there are many females who when

orgasm, discharge the fluid. This nature of females proves to be enjoyable for many men. But

this enjoyment cannot be achieved easily. A man has to raise the feeling of sex in his female

partner up to the extent till she starts feeling the pleasure irresistible. As soon as a female

reaches to that peak of pleasure, she orgasms, hence giving her male partner stream of joy.

Experiencing sexual orgasm for both partners together simply represents good tuning between

them. This also represents the intimacy and care they both have for each other as they both

consider the feelings of their partners. A couple who ejaculates together lives happily

throughout the day and for their entire lives. This also increases love and affection between.

If male partner in the couple has the problem of pre-ejaculation, he should immediately

consult a doctor in order to get proper treatment and that too within time.


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Hot Sex Tips –Ideas on How to Have Hot Sex 


If you go out and ask a number of women what they

really want and wish for in a man, odds are they

aren’t looking for someone who they can only talk to

or share their problems with. What most women

want, but won’t say out loud, is a man who can give her

an orgasm the likes anyone has ever experienced

before. This is a skill that every man like you should

know, especially if you’re married or have a girlfriend

and you want to bring back the passion in your lives that you once had, or maybe something even

better than that. Rekindle the spark in your romance and make it burn hotter than it used to.

Hot sexual tips worth trying !

It’s no secret that most men would just learn one or two techniques to make their girl climax,

if they even bother to learn them at all. But, if you’re a guy who wants to become more than

ordinary then you’re in luck. Here are 3 hot sex tips that are proven to make any woman

extremely satisfied.


Tip No.1 Nibble on her ear – Nibble on her ear, but don’t bite down too hard. Your success in

using this technique is to not forcefully bite into the ear, a gentle nibble is all it takes. No one likes

to get bitten hard on the ear now do they? A word of advice though, you should check first for

earrings or anything that you don’t want to bite into, unless you want to go to the dental clinic in

the middle of the night, that’s quite a mood wrecker.


Tip No.2 Give her a massage – Everyone wants to relax and feel good, you can get these benefits

with even the most basic massage. A good massage is a good way to relax her muscles and relieve

her stress, and when she’s all relaxed and feeling good, it is much easier for her to attain sexual

bliss. Try and use a number of different scented oils to massage her; there are certain scents that

can put your girl in the mood. Don’t worry too much about what massage techniques to use the

important thing is that you have physical contact with each other.

Tip No. 3 Wash her hair – Believe it or not, but a powerful technique to stimulate and arouse a

woman is to pull on her hair, and what’s a better excuse for you to pull her hair than while you’re

washing it for her? Properly done, this can be a very soothing and sensual experience for the

both of you.

Individually, these hot sex tips are already a great tool for you to get your woman to orgasm,

just imagine what would happen if you use all three of them in just one night? It would be very

easy for you to make her climax now that you have the proper techniques and knowledge at

your disposal. Now why don’t you try them out now and be amazed at the results you will get.


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