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Female Libido





According to research, the main reason why female lack of libido occurs is from

an inability to have an orgasms. Other symptoms for lack of sexual arousal may

include pain during intercourse. A lot of partners have healthy sex activities

but having difficulty to  experiences an orgasm, about 75% of sexual enjoyment

is lost, so it’s no wonder most womens lost the desire to have sex and this will

effects the relationship. The key to a healthy sexual relationships is to keep it exciting. If you’ve

never had an orgasm, it’s not too late. The good news is such conditions can be improve and

treated .Any woman can learn how to have one at any age. It’s better to have your first orgasm

alone, by masturbating. There’s a lot less pressure that way, and you can take your time and find

out what works best for you. Women who don’t know how to have orgasms at all can’t even have

them when they’re alone and pleasuring themselves….and some women don’t even know where

to start! If that describes you, relax, because here are the first steps you need to take to become

orgasmic at last.

Orgasm Tip #1–Find Your Clitoris

You can’t have an orgasm without knowing where they originate on your body. In women, orgasms

come from the clitoris. The clitoris is a small, button-shaped mound of tissue located near the front

of your vulva. It’s usually covered with a “hood” of tissue, which can be pushed back like a male

foreskin to reveal the button beneath. The tissue of the clitoris is erectile, which means it will “stand

up” when you’re aroused. Try feeling around the clitoral area, be patients and using light pressure,

until you find it. You’ll know when you do, as the feeling there will be different than anywhere else

in the area. Lightly push on it both with the hood covering it, and without, and note the increase in

the intensity of the sensation when the hood is pulled back.

Orgasm Tip #2–Think Sexy Thoughts

Orgasms are 90% mental for most women. You can get yourself aroused almost to the point of

climaxing simply by your thoughts. In fact, some women can orgasm simply from thoughts alone,

with no touching involved. Lay back, relax, and think of whatever turns you on the most. Make

sure there are no distractions to take you away from the fantasy. Go deep into the fantasy,

imagining the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations involved. Get yourself as worked up as

possible,until you start to feel a tingling in your lower abdomen and notice your pulse speeding up.

You’re about ready to experience orgasm!

Orgasm Tip #3–Touch Your Clitoris

Once you’ve gotten yourself all hot and bothered from your fantasy, slowly start to touch your

clitoris. You need direct stimulation on it for orgasm to occur. There’s no right or wrong way to

touch it, and every woman responds to something different. Try a variety of techniques, such as

rubbing it back and forth between your fingers, pressing gently on it over and over, or rubbing it

around in a circular motion. If you have a vibrator, applying it on a medium setting directly to

your clitoris will usually produce an orgasm very quickly. Once you find what type of touch feels

best to you, keep doing it while continuing to think of your fantasy. Eventually, you should feel a

pressure start building up in your pelvic area, and the feelings on your clitoris will become more

intense. Don’t be afraid of this. Simply keep going with it, no matter how intense it gets, until you

go over the edge into orgasm.

Once you start to orgasm, you’ll know it! You’ll feel an intense burst of pleasure around your

clitoris, then a release of pressure accompanied by a series of vaginal contractions. You’ll probably

feel very relaxed and happy afterward, too, since having an orgasm releases a lot of endorphins

(the feel-good chemicals of your brain). Once you know how to have an orgasm, you can always

have one. Practice with your partner and do tell him about your physical feels. Enhance and learn

more easy ways to orgasm, your love life…and your life in general….will never be the same! Your

female lack of libido will be gone, no more suffer and you’ll be a whole new woman, so enjoy it!

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