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How to Achieve Higher Sex Drive For Female
*   Giving a boost to your sex drive can work wonders for your sex life. With the use of the simple tips that follow, women can achieve a higher sex drive to enhance their sex lives. The first thing that you should consider in achieving a higher sex drive is your diet. The amino acid, arginine, helps to boost the circulation of blood to the genitals; a delicious snack of pumpki...
Lack of Libido – Ways to Blow Her Mind in Bed
* * Lack of Libido   As libido plays an important role in a person’s sexual life which gives direct impact on his/her normal life, lack of libido can give just an opposite and adverse effect. A lady facing lack of libido can produce fake orgasms which may satisfy her partner on temporary basis but in long run it causes depression in her mind and thus losing...
Low Sex Drive – Causes and solutions
* Low Sex Drive What the causes of a low sex drive and what can be done to increase it.   Of course there are always two sides to a coin (Men and Women in this case), so with this topic I will lean toward the causes of a low sex drive in women. It is my hope that this article will help anyone suffering from this condition to find a solution. Today it ha...
Female Libido – How To Boost Libido in 5 Minutes
*   How To Boost Sex Drive in 5 Minutes ?   If you are suffering from a low libido or sex drive then this article is an absolute must read. I strongly suggest you read on as the solution to your low libido problem could be just a few short paragraphs away. There has been an increase in low libidos in women during the mid-stages of their lives.  Many ha...
Boosting Female Libido – Ways to Bring Back the Passion
*   Boosting female libido In order to improve sexual desire, boosting female libido would help a lot. It enhances your sexual life and also your natural health. It’s a great way to enjoy relationship with your life partner. There are some powerful tips for boosting female libido. You don’t need any medical treatment for it but there are some natural ways ...
Female Libido Enhancement – Your Solution to Stop Faked Orgasms
* Female Libido Enhancement If you have observed the low libido completely impacting your beautiful life then it’s time you do something about the female libido enhancement. Low libido can be considered as a dysfunction and treating it successfully is necessary. If there is a role of hormones in it then some drugs would be required in the female libido issue. If your sexual drive is runn...
Female Sexual Dysfunctions – What You Must Know
*   To All Women Who Struggle To Reach Orgasms During Lovemaking. You may be worried stiff that you seem to be less  interested and your body is not quite responding  to stimuli as it used to. But you can take some heart by knowing that you are not alone and as many as 40% of women go through these symptoms at some stage of their life or other. There are ...
Effective Guide In Treating – Loss Of Female Libido
*       The problems of loss of female libido will effect on your love life. In general sexual desire is the first essential for successful sex and loss of libido is one of the great problems for both men and women. Sometimes drugs for treating high blood pressure or other conditions can lower the female libido. Or it can be a symptoms of depression...
How To Get Rid Of Female Libido Problems
*     There are a lot of women who suffer from female libido problems. This is neither uncommon nor is it a life threatening or alarming situation. This is why it is quite unfortunate that a lot of women suffer silently and are unable to come to grips with the fact that it is quite a normal occurrence. It is also true that these problems act as a h...

Sexual Pleasure Guide




Female Sexual Pleasure–Know the Different Types of Orgasms

Female Sexual PleasureFemale sexual pleasure is complex. We are able to

experience different types of orgasms, while men

usually only have one kind–ejaculation. Our ability

to have a wide variety of orgasms sets us apart.

When you’re starting out on your orgasmic journey,

here are some of the orgasms you may encounter.

1. Pressure orgasms. A pressure orgasm comes from indirect stimulations of the

clitoris, usually through squeezing your legs together or leaning your genitals

heavily against something. Just the pressure alone can bring on an orgasm. Many

girls engage in this activity as children as a self-soothing mechanism without even

knowing what they’re doing. A study published in The Journal Pediatrics reviewed

this is very common for young girls.

As adults, they may even come to prefer the pressure

orgasm, as it comforts them by bringing back good memories of comforting

themselves as children.

2. Tension orgasms. These are the most common types of orgasms for adult

women, and result from direct clitoral stimulation while tensing your body

muscles. Most women love these because they’re quick and intense. The build-up

to the orgasm is usually of short duration and the release is abrupt, often coming

out of the blue. Women who are able to orgasm quickly (sometimes even more

quickly than their male partners) often do so through tension orgasms.

3. Relaxation orgasms. These orgasms result from deep relaxation, rather

than a release of tension. During sex, you relax so much that an orgasm literally

sneaks up on you. You may not even feel much sensation with these orgasms,

just a slight feeling of release and overall well-being. Some women who’ve had

a relaxation orgasm aren’t even aware they’ve had an orgasm at all.

4. Multiple orgasms. This is where women excel in bed. Men usually need a

break between orgasms, in order to build up seminal fluid again. Women, however,

have the ability to have orgasm after orgasm, with little to no break in between.

Just be aware that most multiple orgasms are like aftershocks following the first,

giant release orgasm, and may not be as intense as the first one of the evening.

The multiples still feel good, though, just more mild than the initial release.

5. G spot orgasms. There is actually a debate as to whether or not G spot

orgasms exist, but enough women have reported having them that their reality

can not be discounted. The G spot is a spot of extra-sensitive tissue half-way up

the vaginal wall, inside of you. These orgasms are reported to feel different than

the usual clitoral orgasm, and may be harder to achieve. Some women try for

years just to FIND the G spot! However, once the G spot is located and stimulated

enough, a full body orgasm of epic proportions is said to take place. To stimulate

the G spot

usually takes a man with very nimble fingers to go inside and do it for you, or a

specialized vibrating sex toy that’s curved specifically for reaching the G spot.

The truth about G spot orgasm will bring you to orgasmic peak.

6. Mental orgasms. These are orgasms brought on quickly, without any

direct or indirect clitoral or G spot stimulation, and are created simply through

sexual fantasy. These orgasms feel like tension orgasms, but they’re brought

about simply by the increased blood flow to your clitoris that comes with an

intense sexual fantasy. Not all women can do this, but for those who can, they

can feels orgasm almost any time, anywhere, even in public, and those sitting around

them may never even know what’s happening. When you can achieve all of these

different types of orgasms, you’ll really know the heights of female sexual pleasure.

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