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Female Sexual Desire





How to Cure Low Female Sexual Desire

Low Female Sexual Desire

Intercourse feels great whether you have an orgasm or not. It offers plenty of skin to skin contact

all over the body between you and your partners, and the emotional intimacy can be intense.

However, it’s often not the easiest way to have an orgasm. Many women suffer from low female

sexual desire because of their continued inability to have an orgasm with their partner.

This just leads to frustration and a lack of desire to even engage in intercourse. However, this

problem can be overcome. The good news is you can increasing your sexual desire without

medical treatments.

Orgasms require a delicate combination of direct clitoral stimulation and sexy thoughts, and you

can’t always get both during intercourse. While a few women easily have orgasms during

intercourse, most of us have to put some conscious effort into it. That’s okay, though. It’s worth the

effort. Having an orgasm during intercourse with your partner is one of the most pleasurable ways

the two of you can bond and become closer.

If you’ve achieved orgasm through masturbation at this point, but have yet to have one during

intercourse, here are some things to try that can give you a better chance of making it happen.

1. Get some direct clitoral stimulation

The basic missionary position doesn’t really offer a lot in the way of direct clitoral stimulation. In

fact, the only sexual position that really effortlessly stimulates the clitoris is the woman on top

position. If you’re using any other position, you need to put some extra effort into getting the

stimulation you need. Try tilting your pelvis upward and opening your legs wider, so that the man’s

pelvic bone is rubbing against your clitoris. Once you’ve got the stimulation you need, it’s just a

matter of thinking the appropriate sexy thoughts to bring on an orgasm.

2. Communicate with your partner

Your partner will never know what feels good to you “down there” unless you tell him. He may be

doing everything wrong and not know it. Good communication between lovers is important to

having an orgasm during intercourse. Make him understand how you feel .Don’t be embarrassed

to tell him how you like him to move, where you like him to touch you, and what you like him to

say during sex to get you turned on. This will all help bring you closer to your orgasm goal.

3. Engage in foreplay

Foreplay is essentially pre-stimulation. It involves any sexual activity that isn’t intercourse. It

could be oral sex, kissing, stroking, playing with sex toys or watching adult videos, or any number of

other things that get you sexually stimulated before the actual sex act. The more you’re stimulated

before intercourse begins, the more ready you’ll be to have an orgasm when intercourse starts.

Some women can get so stimulated pre-intercourse that they reach orgasm VERY quickly once

intercourse starts!

Once you can have an orgasm with your partner, you’ll find that your low female sexual desire is

gone, and your desire, in fact, rises to new and exciting heights!

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