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How to Achieve Higher Sex Drive For Female
*   Giving a boost to your sex drive can work wonders for your sex life. With the use of the simple tips that follow, women can achieve a higher sex drive to enhance their sex lives. The first thing that you should consider in achieving a higher sex drive is your diet. The amino acid, arginine, helps to boost the circulation of blood to the genitals; a delicious snack of pumpki...
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Low Sex Drive – Causes and solutions
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How to Achieve Higher Sex Drive For Female

*   Giving a boost to your sex drive can work wonders for your sex life. With the use of the simple tips that follow, women can achieve a higher sex drive to enhance their s ...Read More

Lack of Libido – Ways to Blow Her Mind in Bed

* * Lack of Libido   As libido plays an important role in a person’s sexual life which gives direct impact on his/her normal life, lack of libido can give just an op ...Read More

Low Sex Drive – Causes and solutions

* Low Sex Drive What the causes of a low sex drive and what can be done to increase it.   Of course there are always two sides to a coin (Men and Women in this case), ...Read More

Female Libido – How To Boost Libido in 5 Minutes

*   How To Boost Sex Drive in 5 Minutes ?   If you are suffering from a low libido or sex drive then this article is an absolute must read. I strongly suggest you read ...Read More

How to Achieve Higher Sex Drive For Female



Giving a boost to your sex drive can work wonders for your sex life. With the use of the simple tips that follow, women can achieve a higher sex drive to enhance their sex lives.

The first thing that you should consider in achieving a higher sex drive is your diet. The amino acid, arginine, helps to boost the circulation of blood to the genitals; a delicious snack of pumpkin seeds, almonds and Brazil nuts will give you arginine and taste great. Chocolate contains phenethylamine, a chemical that is produced in the brain when we fall in love; just make sure that there is a high cocoa content to get the desired effect.

Any dish can be erotic if it is enjoyed with a touch of sensual pleasure. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is needed in large amounts in order to become sexually aroused. If you are stressed or overloading your brain, it very unlikely that your body will create oxytocin. Enjoying a meal with your lover with dimmed lighting and soft music can help to boost the production of the love hormone. If you are drinking some wine to relax, it is key to remember moderation as too much can make you more likely to engage in sexual activity but not enjoy it as much.

Another lifestyle change you can make to boost your sex drive is exercising on a regular basis. Aerobic are well suited and boost your stamina, help with your overall body image, raise and lighten your mood, and in the long run, increase your libido.

Concerns you have in regards to work, financial matters and family issues create stress that will affect your sex drive. Finding ways to better cope with stresses can make it easier for you to get in “the mood”. Having a brighter outlook on life, little things to make you happy, and an overall sense of well-being and happiness are essential to eliminating stress.

Strengthening your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises greatly improve your awareness of the muscles involved with the pleasurable sexual sensations that boost your libido. In order to do Kegel exercises, you squeeze your pelvic muscles as if you were stopping the flow of urine; hold for five counts, then relax. Rinse and repeat. Performing this exercise numerous times a day is best.

Now let’s get to your actual relationship with your partner. There are some changes that should be made in order to create more emotional intimacy, which, more often than not, results in better sexual intimacy. We hear it all of the time, but communication with your partner is incredibly important. Conflicts and disagreements are a natural part of any relationship, but couples who argue and communicate in an open an honest way maintain a strong emotional connection and respect for one another, which results in better sex. You and your partner must communicate about your sexual desires; what you enjoy and what you don’t.

If there are some issues that you just can’t talk to your partner about, seeking counsel from a sex therapist or counsellor can really help in opening up channels of communication between the two of you. This includes education about sexual responses, certain techniques, and recommendations for reading materials and exercises. Sometimes, resorting to medical treatments can help you improve your sex drive. It is not necessary, but could help if you feel you have no other options. The first thing to keep in mind is to treat any underlying cause of a diminished sex drive. Get a checkup to make sure everything is in working order and that any medical treatments won’t interfere with illnesses or medications.

For some women, you’ll find that some form of estrogen therapy can help. This can be administered through the patch, pill, or gel that improve the brain function and mood aspects involved in sexual response. Even local estrogen therapy, in the forms of vaginal creams or suppositories, can help to increase blood flow to the vagina.


Sometimes, setting aside a time for intimacy can really help to boost your sex drive by making an intimacy a priority. Trying out a different position, location, or even a different time of day can be simple ways to spice up your sex life. Experimentation can bring back the spark to your sexual experiences.

With these easy tips, you can improve your sex drive in no time at all. It is best to try out the methods that are easily done without medical help; if all else fails, consult your doctor about the medical therapies that are suitable for you.



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How To Achieve An Orgasm? A Guide For Women

As an overview, an orgasm is defined as the peak of the plateau phase of the sexual response cycle. This is characterized by a powerful sensation of great pleasure. Achieving orgasm in men is through the stimulation of the penis, and for women, it is through the stimulation of the clitoris. Having an orgasm is part of the sexual response cycle and occurs naturally. However, some women do not get to experience this wonderful sensation.

For women who want to experience orgasm,there are many ways to achieve orgasm. In order to have an orgasm, there must be a balance of relaxation and tension during the sexual activity. With these simple steps, you will definitely have a great orgasm. It will become more intensified and you will writhe with the pleasure that permeates all throughout your body.

The first step is to tense yourself up. This type of tension is the muscle tension, which helps women reach orgasm. It is important to take note that the muscles contractions in the lower pelvis can give you the best orgasm. With the contraction of certain muscles, especially those located in the lower pelvis area, increased blood flow all over the body and to the genital area, will later on lead to arousal and then you can experience orgasm.

The next step is to calm down. The relaxation part mentioned before is referring to the brain. The woman should be focused on the sensations of the stimulation you are experiencing.

During sex, most women think of a particular thought or idea. They focus on that idea during the activity; it can be a positive or an encouraging thought or idea. For those who want to try this technique, go ahead and give it a try, it will definitely give you great orgasms. It might take some time before you can perfect this technique though, so it is best that you practice to get best results.

Even though sex is natural and at the same time learned, some women are not able to experience orgasm. The first task that you should do is to calm yourself. Next is to have an adequate time for foreplay. In most cases, women can take up to 45 minutes for a deep and complete arousal. It can be too long for most people. Compared to males who can be easily aroused, women on the other hand will take some time before getting aroused because the erotic energy begins as a cool and diffuse feeling and takes time to heat up. There are ways in which you can improve or enhance the arousal process. This will depend on the development of your own mastery in getting aroused. Slowing down until you get fully and completely aroused will surely lead to a great orgasm.

The next task to consider is the breathing. It is part of the sexual activity, if you want to experience orgasms; all you need to do is to improve your breathing. You can breathe faster, deeper or you can prolong it. This will definitely intensify your arousal. You must breathe and continue on without hesitation and it will definitely give you a great climax.

The pelvic floor muscles can also be the source of sexual energy. The muscles play an important part in the arousal process and with the proper activities and positions; it can lead to a great orgasm.

Another way to increase the intensity of your orgasm is to voice out all the sounds you produce. This will escalate your experience. It can be gasps or moans that will vary depending on your mood or what you want to release. With this kind of release, you will have fun and experience a fun-filled powerful orgasm.

With all the tips in helping you have a great orgasm, you will definitely achieve a great orgasm that you will surely want to experience again. You can even experiment with the different positions and activities that will give you a powerful orgasm. Select the ones that you like the best. You will even discover techniques that you can master, eventually giving you a wonderful orgasm that you can achieve with ease. You can even ask your partner to contribute his own ideas, so that both of you can create a technique that can give you both a blissful experience.

How to have an orgasm will depend on your ability. It focuses on how you prepare yourself for the activity. Once you have practiced and mastered your own technique in getting completely aroused, then you can work on the activities or positions that can induce a powerful orgasm. With these tips on how to get an orgasm, you now have an idea. You can experiment and do your own positions that will surely lead to a great orgasm.



Pain While Intercourse – We Look At The Causes and Treatments.




Painful intercourse or also known as dyspareunia is described as a

recurrent genital pain that occurs before, during or after the


This causes personal stress on women and can affect their sexual life.

Most women find it difficult to talk about this issue.

Nowadays, there are treatments that can reduce or minimize this problem.

There are studies conducted on this issue, it reveals that up to 1 in 5 women experiences genital

pain before, during or after intercourse. However, the location of the pain and the frequency of

the pain vary.

The symptoms that you will feel includes pain on penetration even when placing a tampon, pain felt

with certain partners, superficial pain, newly felt pain after pain – free intercourse, burning or

aching pain, and deep pain upon thrusting. The superficial pain is the common symptom reported to

be felt by most women suffering dyspareunia.

It is advisable to see your physician when you experience these symptoms so that you will have an

idea on what it is. In some cases, many women who experience persistent sexual pain do not seek

immediate medical consultation with their doctors. Having this condition treated will provide

improvements on your sex life, self image and intimacy issues.

There are many causes of painful intercourse. It can vary on the location of the pain felt by women.

The first are the causes of entry pain. It can be caused by inadequate lubrication which is the

result of foreplay that is not enough. It can also be caused by a decrease in estrogen levels after

childbirth, during breast feeding or menopause.

There are also medications that decreases lubrication and make intercourse painful, this includes

sedative, antidepressants, high blood pressure medications and some birth control pills. Another

cause of entry pain is vaginismus or the involuntary spasm of the vaginal wall muscles that makes

any penetration painful. Other causes include injury, trauma or irritation, inflammation and

infection or a skin disorder. The deep pain that is felt happens when there is deep penetration

and can be more distinct in some positions. Causes of deep pain include certain illnesses and

conditions. It can include endometriosis, cystitis, haemorrhoids and pelvic inflammatory disease.

It can also be caused by infections that include the uterus, fallopian tubes or the cervix.

Surgeries that involve the pelvic area can also cause pain upon intercourse, as well as treatments

for cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation.

There are certain emotional factors that can cause pain during

intercourse. It can be psychological problems such as depression, anxiety,

fear of intimacy and low self esteem.

All of these psychological problems can cause low arousal level, thus

resulting to pain or discomfort.

Other causes of pain is stress and if the woman has a history of sexual

abuse. It is time to visit your doctor when you are experiencing recurrent pain during intercourse.

You must be prepared to answer questions related to sex and intimacy, this is part of the visit and

this can be your chance to voice out your concerns regarding your condition.

On your part, you can do the following tasks during your check-up. You should take note of the

sexual difficulties you are experiencing, it should include how often and when you usually

experience the pain or discomfort.

You should list down vital medical information, medications and the vitamins you are going to take.

If you have any questions, you can ask your doctor. As part of the medical check-up, your doctor

will require you to undergo a few tests and diagnosis. The first is the complete medical history.

It includes the onset of the pain, location, how it feels and if pain is felt in every position. Your

doctor will also ask about your sexual history, surgical history and childbirth experiences.

You must answer your doctor truthfully since this can provide clues to the cause of the pain you

are experiencing.

The next is the pelvic examination.This is performed to check for signs of irritation, anatomical

problems and infection. Your doctor will examine your genital area and the pelvic muscles, as well

as the vagina with the use of a speculum. Women might find the pelvic exam uncomfortable, if

you experience pain, you can inform your doctor. Other tests include the pelvic ultrasound or

a laparoscopy.

The treatment of dyspareunia involves an integrated treatment approach. The treatment that

you will receive depends on the underlying cause of the pain you are experiencing. Painful

intercourse used to be viewed primarily as a mental problem that requires a psychosomatic

treatment. Fortunately, that view is outdated. Researchers and doctors now understand the

many causes of dyspareunia and recommend an integrated, versatile treatment approach.

The treatment you will receive depends on the primary cause of your pain.The first treatment

approach is the use of sexual techniques and counselling, this can help in minimizing the pain with

a few adjustments to your sexual routine. It is best if you and your partner will switch positions.

Next is to communicate properly with your partner. It is essential to have a longer foreplay to

promote natural lubrication. You can also use lubricants to make sex comfortable.

The third treatment approach involves the use of medications and therapies. The doctor can treat

the underlying condition that causes the pain. Estrogen therapy to increase the depleted estrogen

levels, you can use a tablet, cream or a vaginal ring.

Another is the desensitization therapy that involves vaginal relaxation exercises. For prevention

measures, try to change your hygiene habits such as avoiding bath products that are scented.

These products can cause irritation to the genital area and can decrease the production of

natural lubrication. Dyspareunia can be devastating for your sexual life.

If you are experiencing periodic pain during intercourse, you should immediately visit your




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How You Can Stop Premature Ejaculation.





What do you understand as Premature Ejaculation (PE)?
Premature ejaculation (PE) is defined in different ways by different people depending on
their perspective. Basically, it is a condition in which a man ejaculates (sexual climax)
before his partner would like him to, or is able to climax in consonance.
Most men will experience premature ejaculation at least once in their lifetime. It
becomes a problem when it occurs frequently (at least more than fifty percent of the
time of sexual encounters).
There is a great variability in the time men ejaculate during the sexual act because of the
many variables involved, some scientific researchers have tried to form a quantitative
definition of premature ejaculation.
They say that intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT) is about six and a half minutes
in 18 to 30 year olds and therefore define PE as an IELT of two minutes or less.
However,this is not the case in all cases, as it is possible for a man with an IELT of less
than two minutes (say 1.8 minutes) to be “satisfied” with his performance and be
accepted by his partner and does not report a lack of control, and therefore could not
be defined as having PE, while  in another case, a man with 2 minutes or more IELT
may see himself as having poor control over his ejaculation, be distressed and
experience various emotional difficulties with his partner, and be diagnosed as
having PE.

What effects does PE have on inter-personal relationships?

In many cases PE leads to “unsatisfied” sexual experience for both partners, and this

may gradually lead to an emotional rift which may result in uncontrollable damage
to the relationship. Majority of divorce cases have sexual undertones and untreated
PE happens to be a major cause of unsatisfactory sexual encounters in most homes.


Causes of PE


The causes of PE are rather complex, and include both psychological
and biological factors.
Among the psychological factors are:-
Masturbation as a teenager – most teenagers masturbate with the mindset of
ejaculating as quickly as possible, so that they would not be discovered by family
members. As a result, PE has become more like a habit to such persons and in
adulthood they may find it difficult to stop, since their body has been accustomed
to expecting PE. Such persons need to “re-train” their bodies to stop expecting
ejaculation so quickly during the sexual act.
Guilt Feelings: Some individuals may have guilt feelings (for whatever reasons)
and this tends to make them rush through sex.
Anxiety: Anxiety in relation to sexual performance or other issues makes
some men to have PE.
Erectile Dysfunction: Men who suffer from this condition are usually anxious
about obtaining or maintaining an erection and tend to form a pattern of rushing
to ejaculate during the sexual act. This pattern can be difficult to change.
Inability to Control Intense Sexual Arousal and Stimulation: some men cannot
hold back ejaculation once they are intensely aroused or stimulated.
Relationship Problems: Interpersonal issues between you and your partner
may contribute a lot to PE, especially if you have had satisfying sexual
relationships in the past in which PE occurred infrequently or not at all.
Among the biological factors thought to contribute to PE are:-
  • Abnormal hormone levels
  • Abnormal levels of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters
  • Abnormal reflex activity of the ejaculatory system
  • Certain thyroid problems
  • Inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra
  • Inherited traits
  • Nervous damage from surgery or trauma
  • Part of symptoms experienced when certain medications used to treat
  • mental health problems are withdrawn






Management and Treatment

There is no particular or specific way of stopping PE.

For most sufferers of the condition a combination of various proven strategies,
with medications and psychotherapy seems to work best.
Basically the aim of management is to maximize the benefits of behavioural
techniques in consonance with the medications while also ensuring the man’s
mind in terms of the sexual act is well educated and adjusted.
Among the medications used to treat PE are delay creams, gels, sprays and pills.
Delay Creams – These are thought to be much safer than pills in the sense that they
act faster and have few side effects. Some also contain small amounts of anaesthesing
agents to delay ejaculation by reducing the man’s penile response without necessarily
affecting the woman’s sexual feelings or responsiveness. A good delay cream should
contain the following proven and effective ingredients like Niacin (a natural
testosterone booster), Lecithin, L-Arginine (which improves circulation to the penis
for good erection), Acetyl Dipeptide-1, Cetyl Ester, Isopropyl Myristate etc.
Sprays – Some sprays available of the counter (OTC) in some chemists help to
desensitize the penis and delay ejaculation.
Pills – Dapoxetine (Priligy) a short-acting selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
(SSRI) is used for the treatment of PE. Other antidepressant drugs are also used to
treat PE although mostly this effect is actually a side effect of these drugs and may
not be approved by regulatory drug agencies for treatment of PE.
Physical Control Methods, Psychotherapy and Exercises
These include:-

  • Presex Preparation/Technique: This involves the man ejaculating briefly either by
masturbation or intercourse and then relaxing for about 30 to 45 minutes until gaining a
second erection, which should allow the individual to have longer intercourse without
suffering PE.

of sex medicine and psychotherapy.


Happy Sex is a Vital Component of a Successful Relationship








It is a known fact that sex is good for couples in ways they may never have imagined, and that the

health benefits extend beyond the bedroom. The importance of sex in any relationship cannot

be overlooked. Sex has been found to be the downfall of many marriages and relationships.

Some people take it for granted while others do not. Many people spend years upon years highly

frustrated with their sexual life. They tend to be rigid – applying techniques they know and shying

away from trying new things. What they don’t realize is that trying new things is not only exciting

but also essential to our sexual development.

Sex, apart from creating gratification also creates a bond, both emotionally and physically, between

two people who care about each other. It makes them dependent on each other.








Just like learning new words makes your vocabulary richer, trying new sex ideas will increase

your ability to know what you really like and what most people fall for. Our sexual vocabulary

identifies who we are. Enriching your sexual vocabulary, will automatically tell your sex

partner what kind of person you are. The more tricks you can pull out of your hat the more

sophisticated you will seem.

Role Playing is commonly used to bring your inner fantasies into life. Instead of admitting that

you have certain sexual cravings or preferences, It is easier to role-play “as if ” you are your

fantasize. This is normal amongst everyone and I recommend to exercise this frequently.

You may also like to incorporate sex toys and sex furniture into your sex life. Don’t be afraid

to try new things! Remember, most people don’t know what they like, they only like what they


Happy sex and relationship go a long way together and this is because of the fact that

both are complementary. They can not survive alone rather they are to go along each other.

Hence in every relationship proper place should be given to sex and this should never be

neglected. Spice up your sex life and prolong the life span of your relationship.


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Premature Ejaculation Causes and Solutions











Premature ejaculation is one of the biggest reasons some couples do not enjoy sex. Most men

only dream about lasting as long as they want during sex and having the ability to satisfy their

woman every time. Sadly about 35-40% of the guys in the world cannot do this due to their

tendency to have premature ejaculation. This leaves both them and their partner frustrated and

sexually unsatisfied.

Premature ejaculation is one of the problems many people suffer from, and yet they are not wiling

to talk about it. Fortunately, they need to know that there are quite a number of methods

they can use to solve the problem, and help them not only last longer in bed but also satisfy their




There are different factors which causes premature ejaculation or early orgasm. These factors

could be either physiological or psychological. Physiological factors include depression,

anxiety, stress, relationship problems, and low self – esteem are some of the factors which

cause premature ejaculation. Lethargy, fatigue can also cause a man to climax rapidly during

a sexual activity.

Physiological factors include neurological and physiological conditions such as multiple

sclerosis and spinal cord injuries are known to cause early orgasm in men.

Delay Tactics

There are a number of self-help techniques available to help men suffering from rapid

climax to control orgasm during sexual intercourse:

Breathing is considered as one of the most effective ways to slow down when you are at the

peak of your sexual excitement. You can also control ejaculatory reflexes with the help of certain

breathing exercises while having sex, which you cannot do consciously.

Identifying the sensation just before point-of no-return while masturbating can effectively let you

control your ejaculatory reflexes.

Stop-and-start technique is one of the common methods used to delay orgasm. This technique

is practised by stopping all physical stimulation as you recognize the sensation before point-of-no-

return and then starting it again. This technique introduces a brief interruption in the sexual activity

to give more time to relax and delay orgasm.



Premature ejaculation is not a big problem, it’s a situation which can be overcome and one thing

important to note is that it’s not a disease at all. Continue reading to find tips and techniques

on how to treat premature ejaculation;

1.   Increase foreplay. If you want to have great sex and long lasting relation with your partner

then you will have to take your partner’s arousal to higher state. After achieving this state, hit the

hot spot and then you will see in her eyes that what actually you have done to her.

2.    Masturbation. With the help of masturbation, you can determine your feelings and sensations

and allow yourself to control them accordingly. To get an expertise level some practice is required

and you will get rid of this dysfunction. If you do not find any improvement after practicing

masturbation then it is recommended to consult some endowed doctor.

3.    Kegel exercise. This exercise allows you to strengthen your PC muscles which actually control

you activity of sex. With strong PC muscle, you can be able control climax as required. Many eBooks

are available which contain all the information as well as demonstrations about this exercise. The

exercise is quite easy and you don’t need to go anywhere to guide you. By performing these exercises,

they will also enjoy a number of benefits such as improving the blood flow to the penis, making them

last even longer. Others include reducing the pain of prostatitis, eliminating incontinence and

increasing sexual feelings during intercourse.

4.    Desensitizing cream. In the market there are a number of creams that can be used to

desensitize the penis. These creams are made using topical anesthetics for dulling the sensations.

However, it is recommended that they only use them for a short period because they are not

suitable when the individuals want to last longer.


Lack of Libido – Ways to Blow Her Mind in Bed



Lack of Libido


As libido plays an important role in a person’s sexual

life which gives direct impact on his/her normal life,

lack of libido can give just an opposite and adverse

effect. A lady facing lack of libido can produce fake

orgasms which may satisfy her partner on temporary

basis but in long run it causes depression in her mind and thus losing even more libido over time.

In these cases both the partners should give their bests to have a normal and happily sexual

life. To do this they should acquire proper knowledge about the topic and should use the

same for their betterment.

There are many supplements available in the market which may help a woman increasing

her libido either artificially, naturally or through herbal treatments. There are few medicines

in the market which gives no side effect to the patient. They can be used by both men and

women in order to get aroused instantly. An example for this type of is Germany sex drops.

As Germany sex drops is purely herbal and natural, it has no side effects and can be taken

without a hitch. These medicines, when taken by a person can drive him/her crazy and

enhances his/her libido up to its full. No matter what option any one chooses, libido

enhancement should be taken as a priority.

Some sexual cases may require combination of supplements and foreplay. When a supplement

is taken by a person having lack of libido, it enhances the blood circulation of her body and

thus the need of sex is also increased, but in some cases the desire doesn’t go up to the mark.

Libido still needs to be stimulated by some other means. Foreplay plays an important role in

these cases. If a person knows the art of foreplay, he can stimulate the libido of his partner

up to a very high level. With the regular exercise of foreplay it is very likely remediate the

lack of libido fully.

To make female partner crazy in bed one should always try new positions while

enjoying sex. This will help both the partners enjoy their sex in innovative way every time

they plan for it. New positions will also reduce boredom among the couples and thus

reducing the chances of hunting for another new partner for sex. Couples may refer to books

like ‘Sex All Around The House’ to learn new things about sex. As making love with a partner

is something different and giving her ultimate pleasure during intercourse is another thing,

these books can help couple have quality time with each other.

To wrap up with the things, in short, a female’s libido can be increased through various ways.

These ways may include some supplementary herbal medicines like Germany sex drops,

practicing foreplay, trying new positions during intercourse, etc. To drive female

partner crazy and increase her libido during sex is a key to lead a happily married life

and should be considered as a necessity of a family.

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As males are very aggressive when it comes to sex,

they ejaculate rather sooner as compared to

females. Females only orgasm when they enjoy

intercourse or masturbation at their full. Making

a female orgasm is a complicated task which

requires lot of expertise and education along with

few tricks and tips in your mind. Practicing new

positions during intercourse,talking to them during

sex, etc are few examples that can help a female

feel more pleasure which further may help

her getting great orgasm.

Different females have different hot spots. Hot spots means the sensitive points in her body

which, when touched or mingled with, can make them go crazy. Different hot spots in a female’s

body can be earlobes, navel, nose tip, buttocks, etc. Whenever a partner touches or caresses

these hot spots it helps the female experiencing utmost pleasure and thus concluding the sexual

intercourse with joyful orgasm and ultimate satisfaction.

Male partner should explore her female partner to find out the hot spots of her body. Also, many

females fanaticize males in some special positions. These positions can be blind-folded male,

hand-cuffed partner, etc. Men should always respect these fantasies of their female partners

as this would help both of them leading a happily married life together.

There are few tools and induce liquid available in the market which helps females to experience

the pleasure of ultimate climax. These induce liquid can be bought online and inexpensive .

It bring ultimate pleasure and joy to the female partner.

As mentioned earlier, talking to a female partner during the process of intercourse, in some cases,

help the partner enjoy even more pleasure. Topics of these talks should be related to sex,

romance and erotic scene from any movie, etc. While talking, one should keep in mind that

talking about the topic should be well aligned with the rhythm of the intercourse. This is because

good rhythm and appropriate talks can also driver female partner crazy in the bed. To add

more to it, combination of various sex toys, sex drops ,romantic talks and new positions during

intercourse can make a female partner ejaculate with more satisfaction and can develop even

more intimacy in her towards her partner, which could further help making the relationship

between two even more stronger.

There can be many ways a person can use to satisfy his female partner up to her full. The only

thing required in this regard is to know what the hot spots of a partner are and what are the things,

words or induce liquid that can drive her crazy in the bed. One can explore these by giving

more time to the partner, talking to her and by experiences which a male gains when getting

involved with his partner on regular basis.

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Sexual Orgasm-A Users Guide for Couples




What can you do to help her reaching orgasm?


No matter how much a person emotionally attached is

with his partner, participation of sex is one of the

major aspect of the relationship.

Without sex, emotional attachments get weakened

by the time and finally the relationships end up

with the cases like separation, divorce or extra

marital affairs.

Sexual practices should be considered as major aspect of happily married life. Couples should 

be well educated in the field of sex in order to get the most out of it. Many failed sex stories

occur due to the lack of  libido and  proper sex education.


No sex is complete without complete satisfaction of both the partners involved in the process.

The ultimate satisfaction can be gained by the orgasms that a person experiences while

progressing towards the end of the course. A partner experiencing orgasm can feel ultimate

satisfaction. However, in some cases, the situation can be weird. This happens when one of

the two partners faces orgasm and the other one is left incomplete. As, after having an orgasm,

the desire of having sex wings away, the other partner remains unsatisfied, thus leaving him

frustrated and irritated. If this starts happening more often, the unsatisfied partner starts

hunting for another person who can give her complete sexual satisfaction.


In order to enjoy happily married life, sexual satisfaction of both the partners is

compulsory. This satisfaction can be achieved when both the partners can have orgasms

together. Although, this is not a very big deal, many people, especially males never take these

things seriously and they often leave their female partners unsatisfied. If this is the case,

both the partners should talk freely to each other and should then come out with the

appropriate solution for the problem. There are many books and guides available in the market

which provides step-by-step process on how to resist while coming close to orgasm. These

books also teach what should be done in order to enjoy orgasms by both partners together and

at the same time.


Many men enjoy when their female partner orgasms. Also, there are many females who when

orgasm, discharge the fluid. This nature of females proves to be enjoyable for many men. But

this enjoyment cannot be achieved easily. A man has to raise the feeling of sex in his female

partner up to the extent till she starts feeling the pleasure irresistible. As soon as a female

reaches to that peak of pleasure, she orgasms, hence giving her male partner stream of joy.

Experiencing sexual orgasm for both partners together simply represents good tuning between

them. This also represents the intimacy and care they both have for each other as they both

consider the feelings of their partners. A couple who ejaculates together lives happily

throughout the day and for their entire lives. This also increases love and affection between.

If male partner in the couple has the problem of pre-ejaculation, he should immediately

consult a doctor in order to get proper treatment and that too within time.


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Low Sex Drive

What the causes of a low sex drive and what can be done to increase it.


Of course there are always two sides to a coin (Men

and Women in this case), so with this topic I will lean

toward the causes of a low sex drive in women.

It is my hope that this article will help anyone

suffering from this condition to find a solution.

Today it has become more and more common that

women in their middle ages are suffering from a

low libido or sex drive.


This condition is becoming one of the main reasons why relationship problems arise.

We live in a day and age where both sex parties must be satisfied during intercourse.

Sure you will get the unsatisfied party to claim that this unbalance is okay as long as they

please their partner, but what the mouth says and what is the mind is thinking are often

two different things. Cheating is also a problem that arises when either party is not being

sexually satisfied.


What actually causes a low sex drive in women?

There are several that cause this condition so I will discuss the first few that come to mind.  The

first is fatigue and stress. Both of these are deal breakers when it comes to being in a good sexual

mood.  A big part of sex relies inside the mental thought process, if you are not there mentally

then you are probably not there physically either.

There are certain situations in life like your job for instance that lead to having high levels of

stress and fatigue. The next is being in a state of depression.  It is obvious that if you are suffering

from just about any type of depression that you will have a tough time focusing on sex.

Child birth can also lower your sex drive and libido mainly because the level of Prolactin in the

body is unstable during post pregnancy.  It has also been reported that certain birth control

medications can have an adverse effects on the sex drive.  Lastly low blood circulation and

estrogen levels are a few other factors that lower a woman’s sex drive.


What can be done to raise this level back to normal?

Well since there are quite a few causes, it would make logical sense to simply address each of

them individually. The best way to cut down on stress and fatigue is to do some type of aerobics

or other exercise routines. To get rid of depression one really has to become your own

cheerleader and use positive reinforcement to pick yourself up whenever you’re feeling down.

To take it a step further there are a number of supplements on the open market, that can be

taken to increase the blood circulation, reduce vaginal dryness and increase the sexual

hormone. I hope this information has been useful and thank you for reading my article God bless.


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