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What Women Want in Bed ?-Surefire Tips To Achieve Female Orgasm


What women want in bed ?

It is a real mystery for any man. Every man is curious to know about what

women want in bed. It is a topic of interest and many men try to seek advice

from others in order to increase their performance and satisfy women.

The love in any relationship partly depends upon the pleasure of the sex too.

This is the reason why men are crazy about learning what women want in

bed. That is the real kick of their lives. Learning the secret of orgasm works well and it makes

the man feel manly.

So when it comes to what women want in love making, you need to know few basic points in order

to satisfy your dream woman. The first and foremost requirement for any woman is showing

your love, care and affection. More than anything else love your woman and accept her as

she is. Knowing how to say I love you regularly and sincerely will make your lover a natural high!

I know that you’re thinking that what difference does it make in sex. There is a lot. If you’re

wondering how this issue is connected to what women want in sex then there is definitely a lot to

it. Even in sex if you are completely sensitive towards the woman then you would perform the

whole act in a way which gives her more pleasure rather than you seeking pleasure in the act of


The next important thing about what women want in bed is that you need to hug, cuddle and

kiss a lot. Women definitely love to be touched and kissed a lot as kissing and foreplay are vital

for female orgasm .It will ensure them that the partner is completely loving and caring. Women

feel more wanted if the partner does all this to them. Any woman considers her body as an asset

and if you give complete attention to the body then she feels great about it. This is one of the most

important factors about what women want in sexual relationship.

And the next thing about the whole aspect is oral pleasure. Show me a woman who doesn’t like

oral pleasure. If you’re wondering about what women want in bed then oral pleasure could be said

one of the most important things that women crave for. Make sure that you take the whole act of

love making beyond a particular limit with good oral pleasure.

Make sure that you perform the whole act of sex with lots of confidence, love, care, sensitivity and

style. These qualities will definitely rock the lovemaking session and will make it a memorable

event in both the lives. So when it comes to what women want in bed, these are some of the

factors which will definitely help you to satisfy your woman in your bedroom. Make sure that

you give complete attention to the needs of your home and instead of trying to satisfy yourself  in

the act of sex.

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