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What Women Wants After Sex ?



Do You Know What Women Wants After Sex ?


These days, there is a lot of focus on how to go

about getting sex and how to have good sex,

that it’s incredibly easy to not even think about

what happens after the fact. If you want to give

her an incredible experience she won’t forget,

don’t just stop when you are satisfied.

If you were in the middle of having sex with a

lady, and she suddenly stopped, got off of you, and turned over to start snoring in a few minutes

when you’re still raring to go, I’m certain you would be a little more than ticked. Unfortunately,

this is what some women often have to deal with. Just because you have gotten what you wanted

out of the encounter, doesn’t mean she has yet.


Perfectly good sex can be ruined by bad after sex etiquette..


You may think that she has already had orgasm, but if you don’t actually know her that well, and

maybe haven’t slept with her before, you can’t be sure unless you ask. Although you could be

incredibly sure that she did achieve orgasm, if you suddenly stopped, she could have been very

close to another, which would leave her frustrated. If she tells you that she is satisfied after

you asked, you can be pretty sure that she appreciates that you even asked. If she tells you she  

isn’t yet, then get working with your hands or mouth.

Not every single woman enjoys cuddling.

While we see in most every romantic comedy that the only thing a woman wants after climax is

some cuddling, it’s just simply not true for every woman. Read her body language after the act

is done; if she’s shying away from you or sprawled out, she probably doesn’t want to be

smothered in affection, she wants to come down. This is especially true when you’ve had pretty

vigorous sex, and she may be huffing and puffing still.


After it’s done, she still wants you to show interest in her.

She doesn’t want you to act like sex was the only reason you were interested in the first place,

and there’s no reason to be interested in her anymore. Behaving like this will make her feel like

you’ve used her, along with rejection. Continuing to kiss her, and fondle her in an affectionate

way instead of building towards sex will show her that you still find her engaging. You could

talk to her about what you both liked, exciting you both for another encounter down the road.


Be considerate and focus all your attention on her for a while

after sex. Don’t go checking your messages or emails, don’t

get dressed right away, and please, please don’t excuse

yourself to come back with snacks.


Don’t thank her.

While trying to be polite, don’t thank her for having sex with you.

If you’ve had it happen to you, you know why, if not, don’t make it

awkward for her. When you thank her for sex, you’re telling her

that she’s done a favor for you instead of it being an equally pleasurable time for the both of you.

Some women will even become offended at being thanked after sex because it can be thought of

as something you’d say when transacting with a sex worker. Again, even if she isn’t offended, it is

still very awkward.


Are you on the pill?

When she gets angry after you’ve asked this, it’s not because she wants to have your children; it

simply means that she views sex as something to be revered, not something purely for becoming

pregnant any old time she engages in sexual activity. This information should be discussed way

before you even get close to having sex. You need to go about this with some subtlety, and know

that if you don’t, she mostly likely not have sex with you again, on top of being upset with you.

Just let her feel that you’re not using her just for a fun night with her vagina.


Doing it again.

If she wants you to know that she wants more after the first go, it’s most likely she will be

touching you, kissing you, and generally doing her best to let you know that she’d like to have a

second go at it. If she’s going between touching herself and stroking your penis, you’ll be finding

yourself getting it on again in no time. If you’re older, or more comfortable in your relationship,

you might not be as easily able to go for a second round; remember that this is no one’s fault.

On top of this, you’ve already done a fair amount of work ensuring you are both satisfied, it’s

very likely that you don’t have enough energy to become aroused again right away.


So, what’s in it for you anyway?

Any effort you put into making a good impression in the bedroom on her will only make it more

likely that you’ll be enjoying each other’s company in the bedroom again. If you believe that it’s

a one-night-stand, it’s more likely that you won’t be ensuring that she’s just as satisfied as you

are; perhaps this is why a lot of men fall short in giving what a woman wants after he is done.

While you may think there’s nothing in it for you, her appreciation and pleasure should be

reward enough.



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